cookie dough!!!!!!!

right ladies, i'm on a mission, i've developed a bit of a fancy for cookie dough, i've been settling for ben and jerry's cookie dough ice cream, however, i've found i'm eating the dough balls and then i'm jsut left with boring vanilla ice cream, all i want is the cookie dough!!! so, my question is, anyone know where i buy some ready to eat cookie dough? everything i've found is the ready to bake stuff, not sure if that would be ok as its designed for cooking the eggs may not have been treated (like with mayo etc) which is also why i don't want to make it myself as that would mean using raw egg. so can anyone help me with this craving, pretty please? ta muchly

hope ur all well



  • Found this so you can make your own:-

    Many of us love cookies. But if there's anything we love more, it's the raw dough we make before cooking it. Here are some basic instructions for making cookie dough you can eat straight from the bowl, if you're looking for all the flavor without the risks of eating raw eggs.
    Standard Dough3/4 cup sunflower spread/margarine/butter
    3/4 cup caster sugar - OR - 3 oz of caster sugar and 3 oz of brown sugar
    3/4 cup plain flour
    Pinch of salt (Optional; may not be needed if you use salted butter.)
    1 tablespoon brown sugar
    2 teaspoons vanilla extract/any other extract.
    Chocolate chips

    Put the sunflower spread in a large cooking bowl and add the sugar. Stir together until you get a lumpy paste. Add vanilla extract.
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    2Sieve the flour into the mix and stir again until the mix is as thick and sturdy as possible. Add cinnamon if you desire.
    Eat the cookie dough as is. Enjoy!

    The website address for this is...

  • oooh fantastic, thank you sooooo much! doing my weekly shp at tesco tonight so think i'll be stocking up on those ingredients image

    thanks again

    one very happy cookie dough addict 25+1
  • Ha ha enjoy every mouthfull, I'm not pregnant yet but reckon I will be tucking into the cookie dough regularly when I am image

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  • Have you tried Pizza Hut's cookie dough? My friend used to love it! xx
  • I was going to say the same as wildthing, pizza huts cookie dough is yummy! A bit pricey though but nice for a treat x
  • ha, just saw this and had to add I must have eaten about 15 tubs of Ben and Jerry cookie dough since getting pg. I love it and can't get enough of it and love it someone else is loving the cookie dough too! Good luck in your search! xx
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