Baby S is here - what a fortnight we've had....

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that Baby S - now known as George David Stevens! - arrived on 15th April - a whole 3 weeks early!!! I won't go into the whole gory details (apart from to say that yes it flipping well hurt, as had no time for pain relief!!!) - except to say that even though he was technically full term (as I was exactly 37 weeks), he only weighed 4lbs 2oz - the placenta had stopped working about 3 weeks before he was born, and so he had basically been eating himself to keep himself going! And when his own fat reserves ran out, he started on the amniotic fluid - so my waters never 'went', as I had none left to 'go'!!!

We were lucky enough to get 5 hours with him in the delivery suite before he was taken to special care, where he had to stay for 10 days as he was unable to regulate his blood sugar levels or his temperature - since he had no fat to help him! But luckily he came on in leaps and bounds, and has now been at home with us for a week - and life is brilliant, we're in a routine of feeding every 4 hours which he is pretty good at sticking to!!

Added to the whole special care issue, we were also told when he was about 3 hours old that the docs suspected he had down's syndrome - and then had to wait 3 days for the results of the blood test to confirm it. So a pretty harrowing time for me and dad, but we've now got over the initial shock and are looking forward to the future with our extra special little boy. We wouldn't change him for the world, and the initial signs are good - his heart has been given the all clear (as heart defects are a common problem in down's babies), and his gut seems to be working well - he wees and poos for England!!!

Hope all the rest of you lovely ladies are doing well - and for those first time Mummies, one piece of advice... ASK FOR AN EPIDURAL AS SOON AS YOU GET TO HOSPITAL!!! :lol:

Sarah & George xxx


  • Awh bless! Sounds like you have had a bit of a rough time! Great to hear that he is doing so well despite his shaky start, you must be very proud, Congratulations.
    Kerry xx
  • Oh bless him eating himself! They really are amazing little things arent they? Huge congratualtions to you and mr S, and a warm welcome to baby George. So glad that he is finally home where he belongs. He has already proved himself to be a tough little munchkin, so I am sure he will get along just fine!

  • Aww bless him! Glad he's home with you now, enjoy your little boy!
  • aww how amazing what these little things can get through enjoy ur little miricle Sophie 40+4 xx

  • congratulations mrs s,sounds like you have had an exhausting couple of weeks.Hope your little man continues to do well and that you are also taking care of yourself.Enjoy your little bundle,hanna 37wks xx
  • Fantastic to hear you are all doing well and that little George is a very strong boy!
    Good luck with everything, Love Lee
  • Congratulations on baby George! He sounds like a fighter and im sure he will continue to thrive at home where he belongs. Glad it all turned out well for you xx
  • Congratulations, sounds like he's doing well after his tough start! Very good news about his heart being clear too - let's hope he continues to thrive xxx

  • Congratulations!!!
    Hope life settles a little more for you now-and that George continues to get stronger.
    Lydia xx

  • yay congratulations, so glad little george is healthy. my sister has downs and she is massively excited about the birth she said if he doesnt come soon she gonna go up there and get him herself. lol. sounds like you had a rough labour but wasnt he cever preserving himself like that our bodies and babies are amazing things. best of luck for the future xxxxxxxxxxx
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