can u put sugar in raspberry leaf tea??

ok managed to get raspberry leaf tea last night at holland and barratt, but i really dont like the taste, and would still rather have that than the pills. so do you think it would still have the same effect if i added a wee bit of sugar to make ot taste nicer?


  • lol i have just made some and put a spoon in so give me 5 mins and ill let youknow cos i cannot bear the taste !!!
  • well ,,, i only made half a cup cos i figured i could drink it quicker!!!
    1x spoon of sugur and much more bearable!!!!
    although its much sweeter if you dont like it sweet then make a whole cup!!!
    hope it helps !!
    x x jem x x
  • thanks i usually have 2.5 sugars if i have tea or coffee so i like things sweet, think ill go and have a cup of rasp tea with suger then and see how it goes. suppose i wont ever know if its working anyway!x
  • i always put a spoonful in mine!! otherwise it just tastes like a garden! lol!! i have to drink it fairly cool too! like cordial!! haha! xx
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