**sorry if tmi** mucus plug

hello every1,
i am 32+6 and have been having thick stretchy discharge(sorrytmi)some days its alot and other days its barely noticable. do you think it could be the mucus plug coming away and should i contact my mw?
hope every1 is well.xx


  • Hi, im pretty sure that secreetions increase during the last few weeks. My mucus plug was unmissable and a definate plug so i would say that what youre having is discharge and not the plug. Mine was huge, very thick and very different to anything id seen before. Hope this helps x
  • Mine came away over a week or so, the first bit was a large piece, almost clear with a brown streak (sorry tmi!)
    Then it was like stringy snot, and then there was another big piece which was pink-i think people lose it in different ways, it can be over a few days, it can be during labour or it can be a big piece all in one go!
    From what you descibed it sounds similar to the way i lost mine, i had my baby a week and a half later-hope you've packed!!!

    Good luck
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