Breast pumps!

Any help please ladies!

Which are best? Electric or manual? Any particular brands that are especially good? This is my first so I have no idea, but do know I don't want my nipples to get so sore I think they're going to fall off!

Charlotte x :\?


  • be ate my post.

    anyhoo, electric. i have the tommee tippee one. it has recently broke but tt are sending me a replacement part. their customer service is good. the medala swing ones are supposed to be the best, but twice the price.

    and man up! bfing does hurt. it can hurt like hell. but this only lasts a few weeks. just remember it's what is best for baby.

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  • i used the avent manual one last time as well, my lovley midwife gave me it after we had some trouble bf. found it very good and didnt hurt at all. i think ive kept it, although i got a bargain last week, a tt manual one with bottle and loads of free stuff for ??5 so bought it just in
  • Hi there, I'm in the same boat as you chick and its my first child, I have never breast fed and have no idea whats best in terms of manual or electric!

    I did a thread last week asking the same question. Originally I was definatley gonna get a medula swing, but they are ??90 new in the shops, you can maybe pick up a second hand bargain on ebay for about ??40 quid but thats still expensive if you don't know how you or your baba will take to breastfeeding.

    I have been told since by loads of people that the electric pumps are good but you do feel a bit like a cow being milked, and the sucksion is quite harsh on your nips, something I don't want as a first timer. I heard that the manual ones are just as effective, much gentler as you control the amount, but they hurt your hands..

    I picked up the tommee tippee closer to nature manual breast pump (highly reccomended on baby expert) with loads of little freebies for ??10 from Asda last week (baby and toddler event, less than half price) they also have them on special offer in boots and morrisons. I thought well for that price you can't go wrong, I can see hoe it goes then if I get on well can always get a medula at a later date, then I'm not wasting money,

  • I loved my medela swing - for me it was worth every penny, as it was so comfortable to use, and very quiet. I was also able to express a lot of milk very quickly (I tried a couple of cheaper electric ones - and hated them, but with the swing I could quite easily express while I watched tv, or cuddled Abigail - as it was so quiet, so it meant that expressing wasn't such a chore).

    If you are going to express a lot, then I wouldn't bother getting a cheapy one - as (from my experience) you'll either not express very often (as they are such a faff) or you'll bin it and go out and get a swing! image

    It might be worth waiting until you've had the baby, and then nipping out and getting a pump when you start thinking you'd like to express. Then you'll have a better idea of how much you'll use it. Also, if you've made the decision about which one you want - then you can just send OH out with specific instructions! (that's what I did when I had Abby!)

  • I used the avent electric pump with my ds which has settings that allow you to adjust the speed. It was fairly quiet and didn't hurt at all but like littlewolf I only expressed for occasions that I had to (eg I was a bridesmaid for one of my best friends when he was 6 months old and didn't have a dress I could feed in). For those that are worried your partners will feel left out I can assure you there are plenty of other things daddies can get involved in.
    Calleigh put it slightly harshly (!) but its true-breastfeeding can be difficult at first as you learn together but it does get better and its so worth it. I'm still breastfeeding my son at 15 months and am now almost 6 weeks pregnant with number two. I can't wait to start again and will be using my avent pump! x
  • goonie i think i may have been a bit harsh but if people are prepared for it to hurt they might not give up in a few days!

    i have just bought the tt manual as i am still waiting for a part from tt for my electric one and managed fine, although used it for about 20 mins. any more and it would hurt my hand! the electric one is much easier, but the manual for ??10 is good to have anyway. in the very early days you'll be ok expressing by hand for the VERY small amount of colostrum the baby has. i wouldnt be expressing before baby is 6 weeks old anyway, as you dont want to tell your body you need more milk than you actually need. basically, dont feel you need to have a pump before baby is here.
  • I didn't think you were too harsh Calleigh! You just get so many people who 'warn' you how much it hurts (honestly, it's amazing women still have children the amount of scary stories people share!). I am planning to breast feed as much as I can, but I also want to be prepared for my baby still having breast milk when I'm not able to feed - or if I want to kick my hubby out of bed one night! Breast is best after all!

    I think I will wait until after the baby is born and then see how the boobs are holding out! Then decide on an electric or manual. The Medella ones seem to be a favourite though so will have a look at those!

    Thank you x x x x :\)
  • nobody ever told me it would hurt. and i know lots of others who were just shocked and gave up! i was always told it only hurts if you have bad attachment, which just isnt true. the letdown reflex hurts!
  • i think saying it hurts is fine because it does, but telling someone to "man up" when the poster is just asking about breast pumps is
    back to the original post..... i used a large electrtic one when i went back into hospital with by lo after the birth, it was great, so quick and easy to use. i can't remember the make but i think it began with A?
    i also used a tomee tipee handpump.... ok for occasional, and cheap, i bought it when pg just in case, but nto for long term use for me. i then bought a medela swing, which was fab, i did some research online before buying and it seems to be the most popular one, although expensive. maybe wait till baby us here before buying an expensive pump?

    good luck! xxx
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