i've been DISCRIMINATED against by work! UPDATE

Im off on a rant so bare with me i am so pissed off!!

OK I went for job interview last week for a management position in my organisation. I have been there for years and work in really small team of 4. I have trained each of them and helped them through problems, i was even given a whole project on my own (working with 100 young people) which i was confident i could turn around and i have so they obviously think i can do my job.

I have always hit targets and go over what i need to do to ensure our project runs its best including getting on radio and getting articles published in the newspaper! So anyway this managerial position came up and me and another girl went for it. Now this girl came is as my ASSISTANT and then moved up to project worker like me which i trained her up she has been project worker for less than 8 months whereas i have worked the project for 3 years.

It was pretty certain that i would get it due to experience etc i hit all their requirments whereas she lacks quite a few. before the interview i was speaking to her (as we are good friends) and she thinks that the next years targets are too high and wasnt sure if she wanted the job let alone be interviewed for it!

Anyway she got it! I got told that "They dont think im ready for it!!" WHAT AND SHE IS!!! I know i sound big headed and im really not i just couldnt believe it. Everyone knows this is because i am 5 months pregnant.

And to add salt to the wound i now have to be interviewed for the job im doing now as we are being restructured and im up against an 18 year old who has been with us for 3 months! He'll probably get it

This is pure and simply discrimination but am so stressed with interviews and presentations that my blood pressure has risen so dont think ill take it any further ill just stick next few months out (with her as my boss!!!) if lucky enough to keep my old job then take maternity leave then just leave sod them!

cant believe they could be so obvious especially as i work for a national charity who pride themselves on equal opps!!!

Ok rant over!
Laura (20 weeks today!) xxx

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  • oh dear hun, thats terrible! Its times like these a good bottle of wine would come in handy...if only!

    try to focus on a positive side (easier said than done i know) like you wont be learning a new role while you've got so much other stuff going on!

    hope things work out ok for you!
    Lisa x
  • when i went for a different postion at work i was told i didnt get because i didnt have enough experience i have worked there over 8 years!!! everyone else knows its because i was 3 months pg at the time im now 27 weeks and counting down the days until i go on mat leave i hope i wont be going back as they have treated me really badly throughout my pg and are constantly breaking the law when it comes to the pregnancy laws!!!
  • Hi Laura, Im sorry to hear how you ahve been treated.

    I would ask them to write you a report of why they think you are not ready and how you can improve. Once they give you a response I would chat to your friend who got the job asking what her experience was in each of the areas. I would then write a letter to the head of the company stating that you have been discriminated against because you are pregnant and that they are not abiding by there equal opps laws. I dont think it is right how they have treated you. Even if nothing comes of it the only way things can be changed is to write a letter stating that equal opps havent been met. Does anybody at your work know how long you are going to be on maternity leave for?

    Like lisa said try and stay positive as the less stress is better for your lo. as your colleague is now the position above you and are pregnant, sounds mean but i would make sure she dosnt off load work onto you. she is now your boss and therefore should be doing more work than you! hehe

    Let us know how the next interview goes. Apologises for any spelling mistakes I am writing this quickly as didnt want to read and run. xxx
  • Hi Laura
    Surely they can't do this...aren't there laws against this kind of discrimination?! I'd try & look a bit futher into this and although easier said than done, try not to stress too much about it, you gotta stay well hun.
    Take care & good luck, Sarah xx
  • I wouldn't let them get away with it. It's so not fair, and I can see why you wouldn't want to go back now after maternity leave. I bet they are going to pay this girl less than they would have paid you if you had got the job. I would do what Bumpety Bump says and get them to write you a report about why you didn't get it.

    But if it is too stressful for you then leave it, your baby is worth more than their silly job!!!!
  • Hi, I just wanted to say i'm really sorry about how you have been treated I think its disgusting. After reading the responses though. I completly agree with bumpety bump you should get them to write that report. Also if there was any of the criteria they didn't feel you matched tell them you want that included in the report. I'd do this before you next interview as if they think you smell a rat they will have to be more careful. Hope i dont sound to bossy as in the end its up to you and you have a nice relaxing weekend. X
  • Thanks everyone it really helps reading your replies. I have this other interview on Tuesdya so need to keep a lid on the emotions or could result in not having a job at all! After that hopefully when securing the job i already have then i will ask to sit down with my regional director not line manager as i want to now exactly why they dont think i have the experience but she does.

    However if i dont get to keep me job after Tuesday then ill go straight to the top and fight!

    As for my new boss it sounds terrible but im not going to do a thing except bare minimum and what is in my contract going to chill out and take it in my stride until maternity leave. Me and hubby have talked about moving to another town once lo comes along so who knows this may be the start of something totally new!!

    Bollox to them all as long as our bills are paid and our baby is healthy who cares about a job!!

    Thanks again girls xxxx
  • I reckon what you were planning on doing. Just leaving is something I would do. In the end they will see what responsible person they. As for an 18 year old? Are you telling me he hasn't got other important things?

    Clearly you were reliable and an asset to the company. And you leaving will not be good thing for them. So believe me you will hit them where it hurts if you leave!!!!

    By the way. I'm doing the same. I'm tired of being un noticed!!!
  • I keep going up and down with it must be the hormones! One minute i am furious, then upset, then really dont care!

    I think they had this planned all along as they know i wont leave coz i need the maternity pay. I also think this girl wont be around for long and will end up leaving coz too much pressure - they are setting her up to fail.

    I just hope interview goes ok tuesday - once i know i still have my job then ill just chill out and take things (extremely!) easy!!

    it has knocked my confidence but i know im good at my job. Oh and the 18 year seriously has nothing better to do he is very strange not your typical 18 year so up himself but thats a whole other story!!

  • Update!!

    Well after the most stressful week at work EVER and another interview they have offered me a job (well kinda my job now anyway but all restructured) so massive relief as it was touch and go and stupid 18 year old winding me up, they called last night at 4.55pm!

    At least i can relax knowing i get all my maternity benefits and leave. My boss even apologised for the stress they caused me! Anyway think ill have a think about whether i take it further bout manager job but dont think i have the energy!

    Thanks for all your support! Off to my 20 week scan in an hour!!

  • Congratulations on keeping your job!
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