baby bottles and chemicals

i am hoping to breast feed my lo but so that oh can feed baby Skye to i'm planning on expressing and so using bottles,

its just that i'm a little worried about the chemicals as i'm sure oh said he'd read a few weeks back thats theres been a load of research done were they found a large incress the amount of harmful chemicals released by plastic baby bottles something about it being made from bisphnol A (spl?) and this being a bigger problem when heated, was just wondering if i'd picked this up right and what you ladies thought, i mean does this mean we should not be using them?, if we can how should we wash them?

sorry if i seem clueless this is my first and i have no idea what i'm doing:\?


  • hi,

    You are correct. The chemical is Bisphenol A, or BPA, which is used in the manufacture of particular plastic, and so used in plastic bottles, water carriers, baby bottles etc. They would leach into the content of the bottle if the material is exposed to a high temperature.

    Particular baby bottles are now banned in some countries. Alternatives are glass bottles, or particuar ones that have the tag as BPA free.

    Also you can normally tell if something has BPA by the number in the recycle triangle on the bottom of the plastic container. Numbers 7 and 3 are those that have BPA, but 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 are fine.

    I will be using glass bottles.

    Hope this help.
  • MAM make BPA free bottles. I'm hoping to breastefeed but have bought some bottles from MAM just in case!
  • I am using glass bottles, but it's true the MAM bottles are BPA free. Medela bottles for breast milk storage are also bpa free. You can buy Born Free bottles online, glass and plastic and they are also safe.
  • Yeah I agree, we have the tommee tippee ones too and I plan on using them once I have finished breast feeding. My daughter had plastic ones too. There is always a warning about something, if we listen to them all then we will be spending a fortune to replace all the things we have.xxxxx
  • i have the TT ones as well.

    As I have said before sooo many times, there is always someone going on about something not being right, it gets right on my nerves. I used bottles with my first 2, as have loads of women before and they were made from the same thing, nowt wrong with the kids now.
  • thanks feel better now, i'm normally quite good at using what i read as guidelines and making my own mind up but his one had me stumped cause id read they had been band in some places, its the tt ones i'm going to be using and hopefully not very often so feel much happyer about it now image
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