Morning sickness at 33 weeks...

Hi, Im 33+4 and had morning sickness back for the past few weeks (although nothing like it was, I had hyperemesis until 5 months). Has anyone else had this late on in pregnancy? I'm not throwing up but feel nauseaus and dizzy pretty much all day. I'm so pissed off! x


  • hey hun, i had that in my last pregnancy. i hope it eases for you soon because its not very nice at all. xxx

  • Thank you..I don't really think there's much I can do about it, just hoping for a speedy 6 weeks. x
  • Yup, this has started happening to me too. Every morning on the way in to work I feel sick and faint. I feel really hormonal and a bit depressed too.

    I didn't have any of this nonsense in the second trimester... I just think we've got so many hormones going round our bodies at the mo...

    Take it easy...
    Cxx + blue bump 28+3
  • Hi

    I've got hyperemesis too and they say it can come back towards the latter stages of pregnancy - I've had about 4 good weeks so far (and I'm 30 weeks) so expecting mine to really rear it's ugly head at any point in the near future...

    Hope it goes quickly for you now..

    C xx
  • Sorry to hear you're suffering too Cherrypicker..I know what you mean I find it very depressing & would really like to enjoy just a little bit of this pregnancy! Oh well at least we're on the home stretch now.
    MrsButtons, am pleased to hear your'e doing much better as I know you've had a really rough time of it..really hope it stays away until baby is
  • i had sickness all day every day until the day before i gave birth literally until i was 40 +5 lol
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