Check your scan date!

Just want to let people know about my scan experience. I hadn't got a scan letter and decided (after speaking to people on here) to ring the hospital. They told me my letter had been sent out and apologised for not having got it. They thought it must have been 'lost' in the post. Anyway they gave me my date over the phone. I went for my scan today and before my OH picked me up from work he called in at home and surprise surprise my scan letter had arrived telling me appointment was today! The letter was dated 19th December. Told the receptionist at the hospital who said she thought it was very strange as today they had a lot of people just not turn up for their scans!!!! So i looks like I wab' the only person to get their letter late (or not get the letter at all) If you don't turn up it says on the letter you are reffered back to the mdiwife and you go to the bottom of the list! So if you haven't heard about your scan date I would def. get it checked out as I feel very sorry for all the people who missed their scan today.

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