Maternity leave - advice ladies!


I thought I had made up my mind about maternity leave but now I'm feeling unsure and the baby isn't even here yet. I plan to finish just before the end of June and go back at the start of November. My parents will be having the baby and hubby when he is day off from work in the week and I'm happy with this. It's just I now don't know what to do about going back to work! I LOVE my job so much and couldn't be happier in it (despite the odd moan LOL). I'm just worried about leaving the baby when it's just 4 months old. I know I won't want to leave it whenever I go back to work. I feel very confused at the moment. I feel so torn and just don't know what to do. I don't want to do something, chnage my mind, alter what I do, then hate it then go back to what I originally thought. Does that make sense??? Hubby is no help as he says he's happy with whatever I decide to do!

What is everyone else doing?

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  • hi jellyfishpink!!
    can i just ask how long you have been there, how many hols a year you get & what will your mat pay be like?
    only wonderin, as if you can afford it, i would try and take off as much as you can -it's not just havin a baby and caring for this, but the extra bits -ie lack of sleep, housework in stages cos you need to look after the baby, "you" time (dont have 3 tho' cos you dont get any at this point!!!).
    i would suggest takin off as long as you can afford it - but you will know when you need to go back (i dont mean for the money, but for yourself!!)
  • Ollier - I get quite a lot of hols as am a teacher. So I work 6 weeks then get either a week or two weeks off, which is lovely!

    I am going to speak to the head tomorrow and say what I'm thinking. She is really good and might be able to suggest some things I hadn't thought of. At the moment I am heading towards only working 4 days a week. Maybe having Wednesday off each week. It was helpful just writing all this down.

    It's interesting to see what other people are doing and very helpful.

    Thanks ladies!

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