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Hi Ladies - after feeling it would be tempting fate to buy anything baby related until after the scan, I went to M&S to get fitted for a maternity bra, but had no joy. In fact, they were rubbish - gave me one bra to try; it didn't fit; the fitter told me to go and browse myself and 'free up' the changing room for someone else!

I'm in the depths of the countryside and need a 30D maternity bra. Any ideas? Anyone else found a maternity bra with a small back but a fairly generous cup? Happy to buy online (but not from M&S now!)? Or shall I just grit my teeth and nip into Rigby Pellor next time I'm up in London and make do with my normal underwired bras until then?



  • ive found m&s ones good, the ones i got tho are just normal bras but non-wired, they were in little boxes on the shelves, as the maternity ones seemed to have nothing in my size (32D) john lewis have some plain non-wired also but i always find the service in there terrible so have to go when im really in a good mood :P if you have a look on the net hotmilk is a great brand and im pretty sure they do go down to 30 in the back size, they cost a little bit more but are really nice and all have drop down clips aswell so im hoping the one ive grown out of will fit again at some stage during breastfeeding image ive also bought a few of the back extenders as now im nearly 32 weeks ive needed a 34D but to save buying all new the extenders do the trick perfectly! about a pound i think from john lewis aswell. Hope this helps a little bit image
  • I got mine from mothercare - they are totally unsexy but sooooo comfy and the back has four hook settings so you'd start off on the tightest hook and then loosen it as you grow.

    Em x

  • Thanks ladies! I will be checking out the websites this evening. That's really helpful,
  • Arghhh! Neither Hot Milk nor Mothercare stock a 30 inch back....

    Back to square one...
  • i always manadged to get good maternity bras from m&s and im a size 40 G
  • No advice I'm afraid as I'm totally in the dark about maternity AND nursing bras - still! - but just wanted to say that as you have a "little back but generous cup" I have no sympathy for you, so ner image

    From a moody and frumpy-feeling PTB, who has a weeny cup but FAT ENORMOUS MASSIVE back (probably) like the rest of her :evil:

  • Bravissimo are fab! Expensive but worth it!
  • Thanks girls - I'll give Bravissimo a whirl!

    PTB- you'd like my DH's advice: "A 30D? I reckon a pair of nipple tassels should just about set them off nicely."

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