Things your impressed with during your pregnancy..

Hiya Dolls and bumpees!

It's so easy for this time to pass quickly and moan throughtout (cause lets face it.. it is hard!) but I thought it would be really good to share things were impressed with or are really enjoying!

I am impressed that at 30 weeks (but measuring at 34) I can still touch my nose with both sets of toes lol, I am really enjoying NOT HAVING PERIODS, and i'm along with OH enjoying my F boobies! :lol:

what about yous?? image


  • oh defo not having periods.
    being able to shop without feeling too guilty (coz it's not for me)
    eating a whole packet of biscuits and being able to get way with it
    having wobbly bits and not really caring too much (well some days)
    having an excuse to push hubby over to the edge of the bed coz I need more room!

    Em x
  • Erm...not having hairy legs anymore, nicer skin (smoother - oh likes stroking it), thick shiny hair, a 'glow', strong finger nails, everyone paying me extra special attention and interest!
    Karys xx

  • definitely eating as much as i like and whenever i like!!!
    No periods - yay!!!
    feeling wriggling and trying to figure out which bits of lo are sticking out of tummy...
    other people being kind and helping out
    sleeping during the day...
    hogging the bed and snoring!!!

    Claudia 36wks xxxxx
  • Sometimes staying in PJs all day and not feeling guilty.
    Eating as much as I like.
    Being able to sleep during the daytime and not feeling guilty or lazy!

  • hiya i'm most impressed with how my body has reacted with ease to being pregnant, not even a hint of sickness. i love the fact that i have DD cup boobs for the first time ever and being a natural pear shape it's really nice that i have a round belly so actally feel in proportion for a change.
    i am also taking full advantage of eating naughty stuff without feeling guilty and lovin that my fella seems keen to do lots of house work and bring me cups of tea and cookies!
    on the other side of things i think my body is very appreciative of an overdue detox from all the wine and vodka and i'm actually enjoying being T total for a few months. x
  • I like no periods! I like shopping for baby stuff! I like having a neat bump.

  • i love my hubby being openly affectionate lots of hugs even when his manly mates r about. i love my son talking to "his baby" thru my tummy and i love being able to put feet up at my mums house n lettin her run round after my lo's and i love having this site to let off steam n get reasuring advice xxxxxx
  • I love no periods! My hairs really shiny and doesnt need washing as often, I love my husband loving my bump and boobs. I love the kicks and my 4 year old being able to feel them and singing lullabyes to her baby brother or sister. I love the fact that I can eat 2 jam doughnuts in a row and not feel guilty!
  • balancing a bottle of nail varnish on my bump!!!
    and eating, eating, eating gonna regret it once lo arrives!!!

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