Weight Loss 8+5 ?????

Hi Guys

Just wondering if any one else has this - I am nearly 9 weeks gone, and instead of putting weight on as I would expect to, I have actually lost 5lb since I found out!? My trousers are feeling tight as though my belly is getting bigger, but the scales show the opposite?

Should I be worried about this (or lucky that it may mean min weight gain during the pregnancy? Can it be the lack of booze? Had nausea but not being sick so the food is still going in - and lots of cake too!


Thanks xxxx


  • i had this but i lost a stone i went to my doc as i was worried but he said so early on it isnt a problem as your baby is gettin all he/she needs from you as long as you drink lots of water you n baby will be fine
  • hey hun -

    its very normal to lose weight, i was worried yest as i didnt know how the gaining weight thing worked im 10 + 4 and gained a pound & half - and from loads of feedback i got everyone is different. one lady i spoke to said she had lost 20 pounds in her first trimester of pregnancy. according to the doctors that is fine. our body reatcs in different ways and i think cutting out the drink makes ya lose weight to. dont worry to much chic you sound as normal as anythink =]
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