Does anyone else have this embarrassing problem

Hi all,

I'm 8 + 5 weeks pregnant and have a terrible problem with excess gas - from both ends! It's the bloating and uncomfortableness that I hate (well also the smell when it comes out)

My oh is at the end of his tether and I can't put up with it anymore either. What should I do?

I look like I'm near on 6 months gone because of the bloating!

Please give me some suggestions.imageops:


  • I say let it out girl!!! Tell him theres lots of glamorous symptoms to come so he'll have to toughen up, he he x
  • lol tell him that it is nature's way of preparing you both for the dirty nappies!

    I shouldn't worry - it is probably something that will settle down as the pregnancy progresses.

    Gill x
  • maybe a change in diet is also partly to blame? thats my excuse anyway!! hehe
    dont get embarressed he gonna see worse soon!!
  • hi hun peppermint and charcoal tablets are very goos for wind i know because my mum has krones disease and suffers with it lot

  • i've got wind my oh thinks it hilarious as it means i can't reprimand him for his any more or though i've not managed to get us to vacate a room b4 like he has! its nature huni yes none of us like it but we have to live with it. the bloating may also be water retention my body is rounding more and still wobbles lots so it defo water and fat. if your concerned about the smell carry a box of matches and light one after dropping the bomb so to speak helps get rid of potent odours quickly or you could have a room fragrancer. which ever way you go it's the only way you body can let go of the ecxess air trapped within it after all at the moment your body is trying to create a mini you and 2.5pints of extra blood! you knew pregnancy wouldn't be all gorgeousness and rose petal smells lol laugh it over and move on with it huni it only gets worse. I'm 8 weeks and have been suffering for a month i was really selfconsciese to start with and now i shrug it off or even sometime laugh it off. If people look at you you could try the well i AM pregnant or saying very loudly excccuuuussseeeee me where on earth did that slip out from. or even better accuse your OH lol i'm sure his stunned look would be enough to make you laugh! image sorry can't be much help but at least you don't have to feel alone inthe wind problem image
  • I am sorry to say this is just one of the joys of pregnancy.. I suffered from terrible gas when I was in my early stages of pregnancy, but glad to say it has calmed down a bit now... you will just have to sit tight I am afraid x x
  • Hello, I was just about to post something similar. Im 12+3 and find when I wake in the mornings i have slight stomach ache, figured out its now trapped wind which i then resolve (sry tmi!). does anyone else get this problem first thing in the morning? I was wondering if its a certain position i sleep in...but I turn too much in the night so I cant figure out which position not too sleep in!
    Like crochetmum I don't gas the entire room out like otherhalf. I don't have problem with it as such as I don't smell (tmi sorry) but im not keen on waking up with the stomach ache! hubby is being very good! xxx
  • i have bad wind when i'm lay down think its the best time for it to move aeround with out the weight of things pushing it down but if you dont shift you rear into the right position the gas can't escape so hence tummy aches or bloating etc.... my wind seems to build up during or after eating so i have stopped eating an hour b4 bed and moved it slightly forward image (sorry i used to be a student nurse so i got used tio the tmis and stuff i dont get bothered by it and i learnt from moving patients in their beds that wind gets trapped unless the body is moved it to a position it can release it usually on your side with the leg on top bent into a recovery position so to speak. moves your body enough to allow wind to slip out. image trust me it's not pleasant having your face near there when your helping them get comfortable and the wind shifts so to speak lol trust me nothing you could produce is equivilant to the smells i have smelt with C-Dif and other bowel ailments image just be glad your not on the receiving end image
  • it may be because I've changed my diet - all I can manage is cereal, toast and crisps, that's a lot of carbs. Thanks for sharing your stories - I'm glad I'm not the only 1!!

  • I was so pleased to read this thread. I am absolutely gassing out the place and feel if you tied a string to my bottom I'd fly off like a kite (a stinky one at that!) image

  • i thought it was only me till i asked a few of my friends who have recently given birth (a few denied it) but it's just one of those things - tend to belch more (and do sound like a bloke) and my husband just think's it's funny and ignores me most of the time ;o)

    Better out then in!!! LOL
  • Yep - terrible wind, various bowel problems, heartburn. All comes with the territory. Tell OH that this is the least glamourous he will ever see you and he needs to get over it and used to you. My goodness - my OH has to witness me putting progesterone up my bottom every night. He's also seen me wet the bed after a spinal block, puke everywhere and leak out of my nipples. Sounds like so far your's has had it easy!
  • I had terrible bloating until i was about 16 weeks, i didn't have many "botty burps" but i belched like an old bloke all the time!! Now i'm 37+3 and its coming out the other end now!! Oh well who cares alongside all of the other symptoms of being pregnant whats a little fart between friends eh?? PS get a dog and blame him (I do) XXX:lol:
  • lol My OH has just declared we should have a farting competition (i personally am disgusted with the idea!) he thinks it would be hilarious i don't think he realises that i don't control it like he does its there and then it releases i don't force it out and i try not to make to much noise as i get embarassed about it easily around him i don't care no more but around others i get very self conscious can't get a dog due to location but i blame OH when he's not in earshot lol
  • I have now come to the conclusion that this situation is payback for all of the times he farted in bed and then accidentally wafted the duvet..... Case closed he he he:lol:
  • at least yours was an 'accidental' waft mine kept trying to give me an 'indian bath' by pulling the Duvet over my head image he soon learnt after a few elbow digs in anyplace i could get me elbow (including the jewels!) good conclusion though except for the fact he's taken to saying nice one babe try harder next time :/
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