Last day at work tomorrow - WOO HOO

I've been waiting for this day for SO long, & now it's nearly here!!!!!!! But I do kind of have mixed feelings - on one hand I feel a bit sad cos I've got some great friends at work & I'll miss them & the banter, but on the other hand finishing work means that the day when I meet my new daughter is getting really close. I'm so excited (but scared too)!!!!!!!!! She's due on 2 June.
I'll be coming back to work though - can't afford to do anything else!!!!! When I jokingly say to hubby that I don't want to go back he says "well we'll have to move to a smaller house & get rid of your car".!!!!!!!!!!!


  • i felt exactly the same about finishing work, missing my friends and the banter thought the time would drag, but i hasnt i been finished for 8 weeks now and its flown. make sure you got ur friends phone numbers , and when ur not doing anything pop in and see them for a chat and make sure you got plenty to keep ur self occupied coz the last 2 weeks get boring i only got 5 days left and im bored

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