FAO chuffedbaby2 and any other wirral peeps


saves the getting lost in the other post. yeah i'd be up for meeting up soon. i can get to chester if thats easier for you? i drive so thats not a problem for me. i'm free most days and if any other wirral peeps want to go i can offer lifts

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  • hi beccie , would be fab , chester is better for me if were doin sooner rather than later as its closer to home lol...........also i know chester a bit better than the wirral ..........what about pizza hut on sealand road do u and the others know how to get there?its easier than going to the city centre and cheap in the week image ..........mondays and thurs are better for me as my little horror aka jack is in nursery ..........lol.........let me know xxxxxxxxxxx

    lisa xxxxxxx
  • bump ....before it runs off the page x
  • hellooooooo can i come tooooo? i know i'm not pregnant anymore but pleaseeeee lol i'll behaveeeee! hehe x
  • course u can come mrs j as long as u promise ha ha .....i would love to meet jj too i remember u bein on here when i first started posting .....when is good for u ?and do u know how to get to pizza hut sealand road chester? oooh how exiting xxxxxx
  • i have noooo idea but i live in really easy distance of beccie so if she's offering lifts? then it should be fine lol x
  • ok well hopefully she will know where it is if not i can give directions or we can try somewhere else if its easier , its pretty easy to find though as its on the way into chester ..........xx
  • i'm pretty limited cuz i'd have to get the bus and i'm not too confident getting the pram on a bus on my own yet so if beccie is offering a lift then that's great lol! x
  • ok thats fine i think she is happy to give lifts if not i drive so i can come a bit further over .....do u and becky live this side of the tunnel or the liverpool side? xxx
  • awww glad amelie is home ....well hopefully when we have done the 1st meet we can arrange another when i have my lo and maybe the others will have theres and u and amelie can come too xxxxxx
  • i'm on the wirral side, in pensby, shall we wait til amelie is ready to go out and we can have a meet up with sara? so i'm not the only one with a baby lol! x
  • I am from Pensby too!!

    Would love to cheekily invite myself.... but now live in Enfield.......saw Wirral in the topic and had to have a peek...sorry for butting in!!

    Have fun!! xxx
  • mrs j its ok if ure the only 1 with a baby .....if u want to wait though i dont mind just thinkin if becky is due in 10 weeks it might be her due date coming up when we get to meet .....i dunno what do u think we could meet this/next week if u like and then next time we meet could be when we have our lo's and amelie and sara can come then too hopefully ? xxxxxxxx....p.s i have no idea where pensby is geography isnt a favourite of mine lol xxxxxxxx
  • mummyclyders do u have msn or facebook? this is so weird lol! chuffedbaby2 didnt think of that, i dont mind being only one with baby...mummyclyders has a LO too if shes coming? x
  • ha ok mrs jbourne so if we wait to hear from becky about when she can do and then arrange it ......im on facebook if u email me how to find u or vice versa......i would have offered to bring my little monster but he is an absolute horror at the moment and if i did i wouldnt get invited next time ...he he ....xxxxxx
  • just tried to email u but dunno if it went through cuz the site is playing up again...i'll post this link to my pics and you'll be able to find me from there lol...


  • ok i have added u i think lol xxx
  • yups image have accepted! x
  • hello,

    i've been out for the day (rare for me,lol)

    i was going to suggest sealands industrial estate (we go there quite alot cause of toysRus and mothercare, plus pizza hut) so that would be a good choice plus it takes less than 30 mins to get there.
    jenny of course you can have a lift :\) my car is very baby friendly (5 star n-cap safety rating)

    i'm up for any time :\) (also on facebook beccie foulkes,)


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  • ooo mothercare! sorry i'm obsessed :lol: x
  • ha becky was wondering where u were lol......ok how bout next monday? or this thurs if thats not convienient?....ill look for u on fb in a min ...........and that is less than 30 mins from me too [email protected] jenny love mothercare ...me too!! ha ...ok ill see if ican find u now and then we can go from there xxxxxxxxxx

    lisa 38&6 xxxxx
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