OMG - Baby Bottles Give off Bad Chemicals!!??

[I'm posting this in other forums in a bid to get more information about this]

I was SHOCKED to read in one booklet from the Prima Baby Magazine that plastic bottles can give off harmful chemicals when heated up. I'm really worried as I used both AVENT and TOMMEE TIPPEE plastic bottles for my daughter and although she's 2 now she still drinks warm milk from them heated in the microwave.

Has anyone else heard of this?? Look at this website from born free who make the glass bottles who have made these claims read the headlines at the top from the Telegraph and Sky News:


  • Oh I'm so fed up of reading these scare stories! As if we mums and mums-to-be don't have enough to worry about! I think we need to be informed of risks of course but haven't people been using plastic bottles for decades now? And if they were really unsafe surely they wouldn't be allowed to go on sale?

    It just seems that every few weeks there's something new to scare mums and then a short while later the advice changes anyway!

    Sorry to rant!

  • I hope you're right. In canada and usa they have pulled all plastic bottles, dummies and feeding containers off the shelves. I hope that doesn't happen here.

  • yes i have heared all the scarys over plastic but we drink out of them all the times our selfs. plastic is giving of chemicals but so is every thing else around us and i mean every thing. i would just heat the milk in a pot/glass cup and pore it in the plastic.
    don't worry ur littlen is going to be just fine image
    crazy scantist are just boardimage
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