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Hi Girls,
I was out with my newphew and sister in law on thurs as my newphew had been sent home from school because he wasn't feeling very well. He didnt improve over the weekend and he was yesterday diagnosed with chicken pox as he had come out in a load of spots on sunday night. I know once the spots come out that its not contagious anymore, but me and my son (who hasnt had them yet) were with him on the thurs wen thats wat must have bin up with him. I know pregnant women are to avoid been near people with chicken pox but i have already had them as a kid so do u think ill be alright, or does it not matter if uve had them or not. Im really worried now that my son might get them while im pregnant and that it might effect baby. My son has been fyn and is showing no signs of getting them, do u think they wud have cum up by now and do u think i will be okay having already had them. Kerry xxx


  • heya. i really cant offer any advice apart frpm speaking to mw but didnt want to r and r xxx
  • Hi there,

    as long as you've had chicken pox don't worry. My daughter got chicken pox when I was about 20 weeks and my midwife wasn't concerned as I'd had it as a child.

    Chicken pox is still contagious until it scabs over as the pus in the spots carries the virus.

    For peace of mind why don't you speak to your midwife as she may suggest a blood test for anitbodies.

    I thought this was a good article on NHS direct, it basically explains the issues for a pregnant woman catching chicken pox are before 20 weeks and after 37 weeks, so you are in the safe zone. Even if your son were to catch chicken pox from your nephew it will have cleared up before you reach 37 weeks.

    Here's the link for the article...

  • Hey

    Don't worry as long as you have had them before yoiu will be fine and its more of a worry if you get them in the very early stages of pregnancy or if you were about to give birth and new baby would be brought home during the contagious stage. So dont panic but always double check with MW if you really worried

  • Cheers girls and thanks purple babes for that link, i just had no idea wat was wat wen it came to chicken pox. Thanks agen. xxx

  • Hi Kerry last week the lil girl I look after came out in about 6 spots on her face - again was worried it might be chicken pox. I don't know if I had c/pox as a kid and again was worried about the baby - thought the Drs would have details on my records but they asked me to do a blood test to see if i'm immune or not - I still haven't had the results - but my 2 x sons had c/pox last year so I assume I would have got it from them if I hadn't had it before. Will have to chase drs up. Anyway it turned out lil girl had impertigo (not sure if spelt that right) contagious so didn't have her for a while....

    Chelle x
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