Mass exodus

I'm so fed up of this website! If it's not refusing to let you log in, view forums, post things once instead of 6 times in a row, being slooooow and generally NOT WORKING, then that bloody Fairy baby is making you want to boil your own head.

I propose we all up and join another baby website en masse, under the same usernames image

38 weeks today

(Have submitted this after copying it so that if it fails to post I haven't totally wasted the last few minutes - I now do that as a matter of course :x )


  • I agree with you totally! on numerous occasions I've written a long reply to posts only to have the site freeze then lost the lot!!! usually i can't be bothered to rewrite! i hope this sends !!ggggrrrrrr!lol oh and that bloody fairy ad really bugs me!!
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