Midwife Appts!

Sorry this is just a rant!!!

Why do my midwives only come to my suregery twice a week between 12-2!!! Do they not understand that people work - and that having an appt at 1pm is really not practical....I rang the midwife and said i could not possibly have a 1pm appt as it means I would to have the day off work almost! I work in London and it is an hour commute each way....I asked the midwife if there was nothing she could do so I could maybe go to the hospital for a 9am appt? and she just shouted at me! Said that I must follow the ante-natal care or it will harm my baby.....I said well what about the fact that my employers will think I am taking the pi$$ to have basically a day off for a 15 min appt - and in the current economic climate i really cant afford to lose my job!

The midwife won the argument - but I just think it is so stupid!!! Anyone else having these problems? x


  • Hmm.. Yes kind of, My work is an hour away too and My appts are around 3pm which means I get the afternoon off. I quite enjoy it though and try and make my appointments at this time on purpose! Oops! Naughty!
  • You are entitled to a whole 1/2 day for antenatal care without being penilised by your employer.

    MW's have a very busy schedule and dont just run clinics at one surgery. Lots have 1,2 or even 3 surgeries to fit in as well as all the community home visits for Mums who have had their baby. Most MW's will also still work at their local hospital at various times in the week also!

    I know it is annoying but please dont blame the MW, most of them will have been given these times by the surgery (when they can get a room) or by the local hospital for avaliability in your area.
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