clear blue

first came the morning sickness , then came the test
i heard somewhere clear blue was one of the best
so i wee weed on the stick
and as you'll know ya ave to wait a tick
it took a while for it to sink in it was true
i was found pregnant by a clear blue!

how did you ladies find out you was pregnant ? just thought i wud share how i found out lol xxx


  • I actually didnt have a clue at first as i have polystytic ovaries so dont have regular periods, we had been off honeymoon a week or so and i got up to go to the loo one night & had what i called a "funny turn" i went all dizzy & felt hot & very sick, i had to sit down for 5 mins, i thought i was going to be really illl but i wasnt & i went back to bed slept & woke up next morning as right as rain. I happened to mention it to a few people who said could i be pregnant & i said no as i had only had a period the week leading up to my wedding, but as i was curious i did a test, just a cheap one from chemist & it came up with a very faint line, i was in shock & hubby was too - it soon sank in & we were very pleased, our daughter is just 2 so we werent planning on having another so soon, but found it very nice being a honeymoon baby !!
  • I tried a clear blue just to ensure I could go boozing that weekend when it turned out to be positive I nearly died, was totally shocked, didnt think it would happen so soon after trying. Boozing on hold for another 7 1/2 months!
  • i didn't even think i was pregnant as i'd just come off pill and had no pregnancy symptoms. But i did a test strip from access diagnosics which came back with a faint positive line! After 4 more tests with faint lines i did a clearblue digital which came up with the word pregnant:\) After that i finally believed that it must be true!
  • LOL gemh85 you took some convincing then!!!
  • I only did a test because my boobs were killin me and thats the only symoptom my sister had!!! My periods were regular and i was on the pill (i must have been ill at some point and not taken extra precautions!!!) I just nipped to my local chemist and bought the first one i saw, think it was called 'first', after doin 2 of those i went to morrisons and bought a clear blue digital, them i knew 3 couldnt be tellin lies lol.
  • lol i did 3 clear blue test all came back with 3 very possitive strong lines! then i made my boy friend do one to check the test were working lol! xx
  • i bought superdrug ones it was 2boxes for a tenner they had 2 in each box they all came up with really dark lines i did all 4 of them just to b sure but i did;nt wan becum preg as my daughter is now only 15months.i really wanna a lil boy i got my scan tomo shuld find out hopefully image
  • It was our third month of trying and i was about a week late so bought a FirstResponse test and did it at 6 am when i got up for work, it was negative so left it on the side and toddled off to work. When i came home from work i caught a glimpse of it and there was a faint pink line on it!! must of missed it in my early morning blearyness!

    so went out and got the famous Clear Blue Digital to use a few days later, did this at 5am on the Monday mornng and was ecstatic when it came up as PREGNANT! my poor fella didnt know what had hit him when i came bouncing into the room at 5am with the light on!
  • I didn't want to be pregnant and I was stressing because we'd had a few accidents that month condom-wise...I was in town shopping and bought a First response test cos I didnt wanna be worrying all weekend (we were going to a car show) It was 4 days before AF, I did it in the scrubby public loos and two really dark lines appeared straight away. I was shaking, literally shaking all over!!!! I felt excited and terrified, I went and bought some Pregnacare vitamins straight away then I called my OH, he was absolutely gutted, we both were but I had decided to keep the baby already, in my mind, and already loved him/her. Luckily OH is very happy & excited, and cant wait for my scan on Mon, but god it did take four months. :lol:

    I remember just after, I was walking around town thinking 'Does everyone know?!' I went to meet my sister and told her and she gave me a hug and said everything will be okay...So that's my finding out story.

    19+1 x x x
  • Well with this pregnancy I had joked while on a haven holiday that we might make a baby then forgot about it till end of july. I had arranged to join rosemary connolly fittness group on the thursday, and I just had a feeling I needed to test before then, cos i wasnt gonna diet if I was pregnant. I had to buy a 4 day early test from Tescos to hopefully get a true result.
    Im impatient, and couldnt wait so did the test that teatime while hubby n friend and my other 2 kids were downstairs.
    When I saw the 'plus' sign come up on the test in minutes I was shaking... really shaking. I honestly didnt think it would be positive.
    In the past with my others i didnt know what to expect, , but this was such a shock, and so funny after what we said on holiday.
    So, mine is a haven holiday baby, and its a boy.
    thats my story
    caz x
  • hi we were trying for 15 months and i was at work one day when i had to put the lid on biscuits as it made my stomach turn (i love biscuits) i went home and all was normal i was sitting on sofa with my glass of wine and diary and trying to work out periods (v irreg due to pill) and realised they had been reg for 3 months to the day and i was now 2 days late! tested the next night as i had a wedding the next day and was drinking but the test came up faint pos so i did another the next day and was stronger i did 6 in total! my son is now 7 months old and i want another!!!! xxxHayley xxx
  • i was feeling really sick and boobs were sore so 4days before my period was due i went out and got a first responce pregnancy test,widdled on the stick and put it on the side, i picked it up and looked and then had to look again as i was in shock,
    i never thought for a second i was pregnant, i just got the test to rule it out lol,wasnt trying for a baby,it was a happy accident lol, i tested everyday for about 4days,

  • I found out I was pregnant while dp was in Iraq, I think I found out 2 weeks after he had gone and there was noooo way I could keep quiet for another 8 weeks till he came home! I decided I would have to tell him over the phone (not ideal I know) we hadn't been trying and I was on the pill but I knew he would be delighted. When I told him his reaction was "Im going to be a dad? Honestly? Me a daddy?" lol then I heard him shouting to all his mates, bless him! I couldn't believe it at fist and now I have 9 days left woo hoo xxx
  • Omg Reading ur storys nearly made me cry lol i got a tear in my eye lol !
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