What are you going to tell your little ones....

when they ask how the baby got into your tummy?

This is my first pregnancy but I have a newphew who is 7 and a niece who is 4 and I know they are going to ask how the baby got into my tummy when we do tell them (im 10 weeks). I asked my sister what she wanted me to tell them as she said that when her Son was born and asked how his sister got into mummys tummy she told him that mummy and daddy had a special cuddle. However, he is that little bit older now and probably going to start sex ed at school soon so was thinking should i stay with the special cuddle or say about sex? Im thinking stick with special cuddle for now.

What do you think?


  • Depends on their age hun. My daughter is nine and when she asked I told her the truth, she was a little bit embarrassed but I couldn't lie to her about it. My son on the other hand is only five, he knows where it comes out of, but not how it gets in. He's just been told that 'daddy gave it to me'.

    Personally I'd say as they aren't your children I'd leave it to their mum to explain things :lol: but just say that your OH gave it to you.
  • I think it's important to be honest with children, but pitch it at a level they can understand. My niece (3 and a half) wanted to know how the baby got into my tummy, and I just said that Neil and I put her in there when she was very very tiny. Thankfully she didn't ask any more about it!image

  • Hi my DD is 8, she asked me how the baby got into my tummy and I basically told her a sperm and a an egg make a baby, Daddy has the sperm and Mummy has the Egg. I didn't mention anything about the acutal sex action but I think the egg and sperm thing gave her enough to think about!! They have recently started sex ed but that's on the new scheme and it's about the anatomy of the male and female bodies rather than anything sexual. If she asks again I may get a book and explain it in more detail, right now she seems more concerned with how the baby gets out and she is very scared that i'm going to be in pain so I have told her a little lie as far as the birth is concerned in that Mummy wont be in pain because given her personality I think she'd worry far too much about it otherwise xxx
  • We have a book Lil bo peep, it's actually aimed at younger children to teach them the basics and made it so much easier.
  • Thanks girls - might say dh gave it to me. Dont think they would buy the whole "a stork gave it to me" story! haha x
  • My friend bought his 6 year old son the following book:


    I love it but seeing as both my friend and myself are science teachers we don't beat around the bush. image

    For others you might find this book quite shocking as it does have cartoon pictures of people having sex in various positions. The story line is simple - mum and dad try to tell their kids where babies come from using all the old fairy tales (under the cabbage patch, stork, laying an egg etc), however the kids aren't stupid and tell their parents the truth including sex, eggs, sperm etc. I like this because I hate telling kids lies and think education is the key. I think it's probably too confusing for under 5s but quite for a 7 year old. However I would talk to their parents about it first as this is a very sensitive subject.

    The other option is to find a good wildlife video. Kids find it much easier to understand why animals do things than humans. Lions or dogs mating, getting pregnant, giving birth, suckling etc might be a easy and "clean" way to explain the facts.

    H xx
  • blondefriend will you not be continuing the father christmas lie then?
  • Hee hee. :\)

    That's actually a sensitive one in my family after I told my cousins that he didn't exist when we were about 6/7 years old. I made them cry and my aunt was not amused.

    H xx
  • G/c I remember being told about the 'special cuddle' when I was young and was pleased when I found out about sex that I hadn't been told a lie...it is a special type of cuddle that only mummies and daddies can do when they want a baby isn't it? I will be telling ds the same when the time comes x
  • I'm with blondefriend on the whole 'education' front. My mum told my honestly when I asked and as a result have never felt uncomfortable with the subject but also never wanted to 'rush in' to find out what all the fuss was about image

    I've also been honest about it with my daughter as I wanted to be the one to explain it to her, not find out that she's been learning about it in school somewhere down the line and surprise me by mentioning it.

    I think the whole santa, tooth fairy thing is different, it's nice to have a little fantasy.
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