Hi, im 5+2 and founf out i was pregnant a week ago. Up until then i had been smoking for 12 years. Needless to say i am trying not to smoke since i found out. I had a doc appointment last week and found out there mite be something wrong with the pregnancy and have a hospital app on tuesday. I had a couple of cigs after he told me this. Basically has anyone any advice on what i could replace smoking with. My OH is a none smoker and just assumes that because im pregnant that it should be easy for me to quit. Would i be able to wear nicotine patches for a while? I dont think i should! Is anyone else having this problem? Please help :cry:


  • grrr i just replied to this but my post seems to have dissappeared!!

    i'm not sure if can use any nicotine replacement probably best to check wit a pharmacist or ur GP, maybe nhs direct wld be able to advise, but i can't see there wld be a problem as surely it wld be better than actually smoking as there wldn't be any of the carbon monoxide and tar etc

    good luck on giving up, i know its hard, i only gave up myself 11 weeks ago


  • Hiya im 15+6 weeks pregnant and have'nt managed to quit as yet,due to on going depression and other problems but i have cut down down though.
    i posted a thread about this on here a few weeks ago.
    could you speak to your midwife or gp about it as most nhs trusts offer a specialist stop smoking service for pregnant women?
    if not try the smoking helpline as they have a pregnancy service.
    it is safe to use patches when pregnant or so i have i been told by my midwife.
    a lot of none smokers do think you can stop straight away and some people can, but smoking is an addiction and sometimes you do need that extra support.
    hope your pregnancy goes well
  • Best thing to do honey is speak to your GP or midwife, who will give you tons of advice and should be extremely supportive! One thing i found great when giving up was sugar free lollipops! Gave my hands and mouth something to do without rotting my teeth!
    Wishing you the best of luck and a happy healthy pregnancy xxx
  • hi just want to wish you good luck with ging up its really brave but obviously the best thing friend tried to give up when she found out she was pregnant and the docs said no to patches but i think(dont quote me)they gave her an inhaelar to start with

    best of luck x x x x
  • Thanks everyone for your replies. MY OH has just come back from the shop with 3 bags of hard sweets for me. God love him, at least he is trying :lol:
  • my cousin found sugar free sweets an chupa chup lolly pops very helpful when giving up, better for your teeth to, your little life inside should be enough to give up a bad habit, things in life are hard to give up but when its for the benefit of another even more so your brand new life inside of you its should be your inspiration an will to stop!!! your lucky to be pregnant so sure you dnt need me to tell you that! good luck

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  • i dont think there is anything they can give you to help, but there is a stop smoking help line for pregnant women.
    I tried to quit with my older two but failed both times i manadged to cut down from 20+ a day to between 1 - 5 a day depending on how bad a day it was.
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