stubid question- baby kicking

Hi Girls

This might sound really stubid but the babs has been fluttering around in my stomach for the past week and tis morning i was standing in line at a the shop and i got 2-3 sharp pains on my right hand side, just under my belly button line and then more fluttering. do ye think its the baby kicking or my imagination?

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  • could well be baby! Is this your first baby? Some people do feel their babies earlier than others, so if you think its the baby then it probably is! How sweet, i love the feeling when they wiggle around! Mine is currently routing about in my pubic region...very weird, feels like she is trying to dig her way out!! x
  • yes this is my first baby and i know how u feel think my little one has the same idea as urs about trying to dig her way out as every now and again i get a pain down there LOL.

    the joys of pregnancy heeee,

    i'm due to see my gp again on monday morning so i get to see baby again and i can't wait.

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