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am a long way off from worrying about this but my midwife said once or if i get to 41 wks they will induce me! is this standard for all hospitals? some people have told me 10-14 days,why they so different.
i have mixed opinions on being induced, i no that babies cant distressed in some poeople if they go to far over,but i also believe that maybe the baby isnt ready?
can i object if i feel baby ok,within reason of course? has anyone else felt this way


  • yes i agree, more than 10-14 days i wouldnt want to go over anymore for the reasons i mention, i was just curious as to why hosps are different.
  • Hi

    I have done quite of bit of reading into induction for my own purposes. The NICE guidelines are that hospitals can offer induction from 41 weeks. They generally don't like you to go more than 14 days over (in some countries they wont induce you until 43 weeks) however you can refuse anytime you like. If you refuse to be induced after 42 weeks they will offer to monitor you regularly and you can request a scan to check placental flow (to make sure it is not deteriorating).

    The reason why they like to induce by 42 weeks is because of the concern that the placenta may be deteriorating but research (which hasn't yet filtered into the NHS guidelines - they are about 5 - 10 years behind) shows that this is actually very rare. I can't remember the exact statistics of the top of my head but can find them if you would like.

    A lot of trusts normally don't offer induction until you are 10 - 14 days overdue this is because induction carries a lot of risks to both mother and baby which is why you will constantly be hooked up to monitors if you are induced.

    Some mums do just cook their babies longer and when the hospital says it is time the baby may not necessarily think it is. The accuracy of your due date is questionable for many reasons. Standard pregnancy dating based on your last period date (LMP) is only accurate if you have a 28-day cycle and you ovulated on day 14. If your cycles are sometimes longer than this then there is a good chance that your due date is actually later than the 'standard' one.

    If the situation arises I would do you own research and speak to different groups as well as your midwife and consultant and make a decision you are happy with. Hopefully it wont to come to it anyway.
  • thankyou that was great info! my cycle is 31 days so i no if im 3 days later at least that may be why? i think as you say hopfully i wont go over but if i do and the hopsital suggest induction i will discuss it then and see hwo i feel and how baby is.
  • My hospital policy is that they induce on day 10 and book an appointment for that day and cancel it themselves if i give birth before hand.

    For me that falls on xmas day!! However they have got me in on xmas eve for an appointment and if they think i'm in good health etc...and baby ok they will let me go over xmas and i'll go back in boxing day.

    I'm not keen on being induced but its my 1st and will just go with what they say is the best thing to do

  • yeah i think the main thing is how i and they feel the baby is doing at the time
  • i went 6 days over and was induced as placenta had deteriorated .. so can start from 6 days, maybe tats why they induce early
  • Where i am the hospital induce at 42 weeks, although my best friend had her baby at a hospital half an hour up the road and they induce at 41 weeks! It must vary from place to place. Although i think most hospitals dont like to leave you longer than 42 weeks. You can refuse if you wish though, they will continue to monitor you and providing the baby is well and happy they will let you carry on if thats what you want!
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