I love my husband dearly but i could of throttled him yesterday. I know what he can do is limited as he is very unwell at the minute but i am pg with two children one 5 and the other 5 1/2 months and him to look after also full of cold myself and feeling crap, well i do the general cleaning dishes, washing etc downstairs is ok but upstairs could do with a bit of a clean but i just havent felt up to it. So hubby starts this house is a filthy why havent you cleaned it upstairs is a right mess where upon i explain calmly as i didnt want to argue i dont feel to good and hadthe childrento sort and a load of other thing to do first etc he then says well how come other women manage! the cheeky sod i then blew my top and we had an almighty row, he really p*s*e* off i told him if he wanted one of them women then to go and f***ing go and get one. He hasnt apologised and we are hardly speaking. Why do they manage to really p*ss you off.
Sorry for the rant but needed to get that of my chest, ha feel better now for that.
vikki xx

I just dont think he really realised what he said and how much it hurt, but i made that clear to him all i want is an apology as i have that much else to do cleaning is the last thing on my list.

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  • Oh hun....i think its coz men think with their tackle!! Let hum stew on it, i'm sure he realises that he's been a d**khead and start sucking up to you soon. If not, go on strike and let him do everything himself!
    We went out with my hubbie's boss last night & I said we cannot be late coz i'm went in one ear & out the other!! Men will never learn!!!!
    You take care & hope you feel better soon
    Sarah xx
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