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hi i've got 2 cats and i swear they both know i'm pregnant.
the female has suddenly decided to start poking my belly at every opportunity, not sure if she's saying hey to the baby or trying to poke her away to some place else, but she definately is acting differently.
the male has just started to behave really badly, the other day he got in the bath and had a wee! he's never done anything like that before. he also keeps crying up at the bedroom window in the middle of the night and doesn't stop until we go and let him the front door ( there's a cat flap at the back door ) we've tried ignoring him in the hope he'll get bored but after an hour and half we can't take it anymore,
i'm hoping once the baby is here they'll calm down a bit but i'm a bit worried about how they'll react to a crying baby, fingers crossed.


  • Hi Lucylu
    How strange! We've got 3 cats (2 boys & a girl) who all seemquite interested in climbing on top of my bump when i'm in bed.
    But one of the boy cats has been exactly the same as yours, at the window crying his heart out & he decided to wee on the bed (on my side when i was still in it)!!!! We were not impressed as you can imagine & it cost a fortune to have the duvet cleaned!! There was no reason for him to be like this...he still cries like he's been shot in the ass, but no more weeing..thank God!!
    Sarah xx
  • lol! funny little creatures! i feel better knowing my cats haven't just gone completely insane, the crying must be an attention seeking thing, either that or i thought he could be trying to get me into practice for when the baby arrives! x
  • We have two cats too. both males, but ours have got more hectic when we're busy, but extra affectionate towards me when i show them some attention. the oldest, 6months, has taken to stretching over me whole body. x
  • Maybe she can tell your pregnant and is having a sulk cuz she's not the only 'baby' in your life!! x
  • My cats definately know - one in particular has been acting very strange and clingy and a few weeks back had cystitis - we took her to the vet who said it was brought on by stress! and asked if there was anything that she might be stressed about!! They are feeling aggreived that they no longer have full run of the house but I'm worried they would end up sitting in the cot or on the baby so we have excluded them from certain rooms since we've known I was pregnant.

  • Hi my male cat hardly comes near me, he used to sit on my lap all the time now he comes to my partner. Strange how they can sense theres going to be a change lol xx
  • They do know guys. Apparently they can hear the heart beat before us! mad.
    Lucylu, just a tip, and it may seem cruel but he won't associate it with you - when your cat starts crying outside the bedroom window, chuck a jug of water out of it. You don't have to necessarily get him, just do it near him and then don't let him in.
    Our cat was doing exactly the same thing and although it seems cruel, it was driving us insane. We did that just twice, two nights running and let him find his own way in through the flap and its stopped.
    No love was lost as they don't see you do it, they then just associate the window and crying with getting wet!
    Hope that helps.

  • cat has had cystitis a few times, last time it was diagnosed as FUI (feline urinary infection) or something. Its where the wee crystalises in the bladder and they cant pass it. We were told not to give him any biscuits or treats again and to keep little bowls of water all over the house to make sure he takes enough water in. Last vets bill was ??650!! as they had to put a catheter in him and keep him in for a few days...just wanted to warn you a few extra bowls may work our cheaper for you than it happening again!!

    Oscar rejected me a bit at first and spent all his time with my partner but lately he follows me in every room and sits on top of me as soon as i sit down. he doesnt sit on my bump though, even though he normally lies on my belly. he just chills on my legs..which cuts off the circulation a bit!

    think our kittys are going to have their noses pushed out a bit when they are no longer out lil babies!
  • My cat had FUI really bad. He had to have an operation and have his little willy removed and and a whole new pee hole made he almost died and cost us ??3500 and we didn't have pet insurance. I agree with listef put down lots of water and don't give them any dry treats. My cat gets stressed very easliy and he knows something is up. I've got him on tablets to make sure he doesn't get cystitis and i'm keeping an eye on him. I'm sure this won't happen to your cat but just trying to save your money on vets bills.

    He has started to sleep in the nursery which he never did before and my other cat has become extremely loving and follows me everywhere even cries outstand the bathroom door when i'm in there.
    They are strange but i love them.
  • my cat is at times more loving towards me now but initially she was vile,attackin my partner and we were wonderin if she needed to be rehoused but now seems interested and will lay on my lap with her head on my bump so hopin she'l be ok when baby arrives. xxx
  • thanks for the advise guys, i'll definately try the throwing water out the window because if i don't 1 of the neighbours will! and i'll keep my eye on the weeing he's not done it since so hoping it was just a one off x
  • My cat knew I was pregnant before we did. She used to hate me, but suddenly started being all protective over me. Im still worried about having her around the baby but she can be quite sweet, before I started showing she used to always lay near belly and if me and oh had an arguement she'd sit between us and not let him get between her and me.;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • this is so funny! i have a 2 yr old male cat who has become very affectionate all of a sudden, i didnt give it a second thought until i started reading this!! he will only sit on me and not my dh and has started coming over to us of a night when we are on the sofa and making a big fuss of me! also at night he has started sleeping in our room right by the side of the bed i sleep on. this is weird but really didnt think it was connected maybe it is!!! xxx

  • I am convinced our cat knows there is going to be a new addition. She has started 'nesting' in her blanket at night. In the mornings we often find her under the blanket, completely covered up - even though I will refold the blanket every morning she manages to undo it and get underneath. Also, much more affectionate and definitely eyeing up the space between oh and myself in the bed (although she will not be allowed in there)!
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