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No symptoms before bfp?

Hello ladies, hope you and your bumps are all well :\) I've popped over from ttc to ask you all you a little question. Is there any ladies that had no symptoms before they got their bfp, or even 1 that they might of got every month. This is our 6th month ttc and from ov till af i always get sore boobs and got that this month aswell but every other month i have always had different symptoms but this month i have nothing. I am on cd22 of 27 day cycle so due tuesday and usually have different symptoms by now. Feel i have to ask even though i'm not sure if we have done it this month as only bd'd once around ov so chances can't be high lol.! Thankyou in advance if you answer image


  • Hey Sami

    I had no symptoms before bfp. I just assumed af would turn up as id given up looking. Only relised i was late coz i wanted to work out af for holiday! Tested and got bfp. Never really got any symptoms of pregnancy untill about 8 weeks when morning sickness and tiredness kicked in.

    Good luck hope its your month!

    Jennie 16+4
  • I had some symptoms that started over a week before my period was due and they were identical to what I get when I have an impending period.

    I thought it was odd as the pmt and symptoms dont usually kick in that early.

    I had sore b00bs, stomach cramping, bloating, mood swings etc.... and I just thought that my period was going to come early. The stomach cramps were really quite painful and I thought I was due for a heavy period.

    well, the symptoms continued right past when my period was due although it never arrived. I did a test 2 days afterwards and it was a BFP. The cramps continued for another 2 weeks and then stopped. I still have the sore boobs, bloating and mood swings and Im approximately 8 or 11 weeks pregnant.

    Unfortunately, not every woman is the same so they may not all show 'classic signs'. Im not sure if you have been pregnant before but you will understand anyway when I say 'you just know when you are pregnant'. you just feel that little bit different.

    I got pregnant either 1 month or 2 months after we started trying (im not quite sure of dates) so anything is possible.

    good luck!!!
  • hi

    only symptom i had was the lack of AF! we weren't ttc so i put this down to having just moved country and assumed it was just stress keeping AF at bay. i haven't really had any symptoms since either, no sickness/ nausea just the need to wee a lot lol


  • thanks for that ladies, i usually get some sort of symptoms in 1ww that kind of lets me know that af is coming. Feeling normal is different lol. This will be my first so i can't go by another pregnancy. All month i've had a wierd feeling but might just be me lol
  • on my first pregnancy i had all the symptoms so i was expecting this pregnancy to be the same,i had nothing,dont know why i took the test but i did and i was very shocked when it was a bfp and to say i had no symptoms what so ever.


  • hi hun i got my bfp today a week late and to be honest the only symptoms iv had are af symptoms so it shows how things can turn around X.
  • thankyou for this, its another day closer and i still feel totally normal lol
  • i had hardly any symptoms before my bfp, in fact i was pretty certain af was gonna show. i think the only one was that i was a lot more tired but to be honest i had just put that down to work!!

    when are you due to test?

    Fingers crossed for you!

    Nina 16+4 xx
  • I won't test unless af doesn't show on tuesday. I kind of feel the same that af will show as I feel normal lol. I'm more tired but i'm having probs sleeping so that explains that

  • Did you end up being pregnant?

  • ive had, sore boobs, bloating, nausea, feeling tired, took a test and got a faint line, so took another a few days later and the same thing, then when i was at the shops i decided to get a 2 pack of the clear blue digital tests, did one and it said not pregnant, then a couple of days later i did another and it came up pregnant 1-2, i was so happy but the digital ones only stay lit for 24 hours so i took a pick of it, i showed my partner and he was happy even my mum was over the moon, so i made an appointment to see the doctor yesterday to get my bloods and stuff done, i did the last digital test int the packet to show my doctor and it came up not pregnant i was gob smacked and gutted, so i still went to the doctor and she did a test and that to came back negative so now im confused i cant work out how u can get s few positives and then a couple of negatives, now i dont know if im pregnant or not, im still getting tired and feeling sick and the veins in my boobs are really showing which ive never noticed before, my doctors answer was u get all that before your period is due, but the thing is i dont get any of it, ive never felt like this before, she still gave me a form to get my bloods done but told me not to do it until next week, she reckons its to early to tell, my period is due on the 10th so why am i getting all these symptoms if im not pregnant?, im gettign cramping to which i thought was implantation, anyone else had anything like this and been pregnant?

  • Im hoping and praying for me to get a BFP!! I am 11 DPO is that to early for a BFP? I tested twice today and both were BFN!! my AF is supposed to show on the 7th could i still be pregnant?

  • i was due AF today but she didn't show i have no symptoms at all usually around this time i have cramps and sore boobs. This is odd im not going to test until i am two days late though as i dont want to waste a test. ive been ttc for 4 months now hopefully on this 5th month we get our BFP! 

  • I wish people would get back to us and update. I’ve been feeling a bit strange lately too, I am late on periods as well I tested on the 3rd day of a missed period but that was negative. Now I’m a week late I haven’t tested yet but I have been feeling nauseous without actually vomiting, I felt bloated for 2 days without actually having a full meal. I’m extra gassy too (sorry tmi) 🤧 oh and I feel so so tired and sleepy more than usual. Ive been having cramps on off so I assumed periods were coming anytime soon but its been a week and they havent, also the cramps aren’t as intense as period cramps. But I dont know what to make of it anymore. When I test I will update x

  • Hi zee 

    did you find out?

  • Following this, excited to hear an update :) 

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