Pregnant after the Mirena Coil??? Posted everywhere sorry!

Just starting to investigate. I have the Mirena Coil in now but it's coming out next friday!!!! YAY to start ttc. When I concieved my lo I had come off the pill but it happened very quickly. Part of what attracted me to the coil was that your fertility is supposed to return to normal straight away.

What I was wondering is if anyone is preg after the coil and how long it took?

I am worried that I am gonna get really frustrated if it takes longer this time :roll: silly really cos time will tell but just interested!


  • Hi I had mine out in nov08 and got pregnant in Dec so was very quick !
    I had had it in for about 4 yrs.

    Good luck

  • hi huni ive had it in twice and each time i was pg the next month. so it was very quick for me!!
    luv clare & harrison 5 week today!
  • yay - fingers crossed then!
  • Hi
    I had mine removed 5 weeks ago and I got my BFP last week so it happened right away for me too. I googled 'Mirena' and I read a lot of stories which I now wish I hadn't as I thought would take me forever!
    I had mine in for over 4 years with no period at all in that time. Hope this helps.

  • I had mine in for 5 years and fell pregnant first time i had sex after getting it out,so i dont think you need to worry!

    Jstar 30 weeks
  • no experience myself, but a good friend got her bfp the next month... fingers crossed for you..
  • It is so good to hear that so many ladies have had thier BFP soon after Mirena removed, and that you are all doing well. Makes me feel a lot better as I only just got my BFP last week, one month after I had my Mirena out.

    Here's to healthy happy pregnancies all round!

    Melanie x
  • I had the mirena coil for over 9 years with no problems at all. I didn't have a period in all of that time. My husband and I decided to have another child after 10 years and I got my coil removed in April. I was a bit concerned about how long it would take to get pregnant considering I had had the coil for so long. However, my periods went back to normal straight away and I am happy to say that I am now 15 weeks pregnant and due in February. There are lots of scare stories about the length of time it takes and about the mirena in general but from my experience it has been great. I would consider getting it again. Good luck to everyone who's trying.
  • Days lol had it out had my af was due 2 days later and never arrived lol
  • hi i had my merina coil out 2 nov 2012 and still not pregnant ,.i just turn 40 in jan so i wondering if thats the problem .i had my coil in for 4 years and since the removal ive had heavy periods since then . hope this helps and my be some one might have some advise for me

  • I had mine taken out and was pregnant 6 days later!
  • hi whats a BFP? X

  • I had the marina out in July last year after having it in for 3 years & had a regular 29 day cycle after removal. I got my BFP at the begining of November but had a m/c in December  image

  • I had mine removed in January and still waiting. But it will be interesting to see if it happens soon. First took 6-7months and second 15 months. On month 4/5 now so if it happens this month it will be a winner! LOL xxx 

  • My partner and I want to start trying to conceive on our honeymoon! We are getting married in 7 weeks. I have had the coil for 7 years and no periods at all in this time. I don't want to have it out and have heavy periods over my wedding and honeymoon but I think if I have it out now they should settle? It seems like such a long time since I have had a period! If not we will have to wait until we are home and then have it out but that spoils the fun on our honeymoon! Do you think I will bleed heavily after having it out - also dont really want to get spotty and fat before my wedding!

  • I had mine for 6 years and we got our BFP after 4 months of trying so really quick to be honest! Very pleased, and definitely a 'selling point' for me was that it didn't have an impact on fertility.

    Not sure I'm going to get one after LO is born though, as it probably won't be long until we try again for No.2 so may just use condoms in the interim...

  • Iv had my coil out nearly 4 weeks bleed very lightly 4 6 and 8 days after nothing since got a negative hpt 4 days ago im hopeing it was to early to test and that my af don't come in 6 or 7 days that's when I think it's due again im realy praying im pregnant iv been moody tired and feeling slightly sick during the day recently and cramping my breast are starting to feel different also could there be a chance I could be pregnant image
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