Washing woolens

Hi everyone, i need to ask a favour..
I've just had a wonderful package delivered from a great aunt that i havent seen in many years. She has knitted a variety of beautiful clothes for my imminent arrival. However, i'm not sure if she smokes or has an open fire but they all smell strongly of smoke. Does anyone know how i should wash them? I dont want to accidently shrink or ruin them... they're so gorgeous! Are they safe to tumble dry? What temp etc.. Advise needed! x x x x

Jen 40+2 x x x


  • Yep wool wash (the symbol with two wee lines underneath). Don't tumbledry and do use non-biological powder. If in doubt handwash!

    Wow my mother would be proud!

    Gill x
  • Thanks ladies! I'm not the most domestic person in the world... i like things with instructions....hmmm... shame babies dont come with a care label. lol x x x
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