I'm Pregnant¬

just found out today i'm pregant. after a few unfortable days.., im bloating out so much is that normal? or is my body preparing for twins?:\?


  • first of all congratulations on finding out you are pregnant!
    its a mad feeling when you just find out, it took me a while to get used to knowing there is sumin growing inside me last time and this time,
    if i remember rightley i was bloated both times i found out.
    good luck with your pregnancy xxx


  • Congratulations - do you know how far along you are? I felt really bloated at the beginnng to so I think this is normal.
  • Congratulations, bloating is pretty normal I think. I had it last night and I also have it this time too.
    Anne-Marie xx
  • Congratulations!!!!
    Hope everything goes well hun x
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