8 weeks pregnant and worried...

Hi all,

Im worried, I have been quite busy this weekend! and this morning I had lower back pain and a bit of period pain. I had a bit of a show a couple of hours ago and I am really worried, I still have period pain! Has any1 else experienced this? im so worried, this is our first and Im scared we are going to loose it :\( XX


  • hi mel

    most women experience cramps especially during ealy pregnancy, its usually just evrything moving and stretching to make room, however its perfectly natural for u to be anxious and to put ur mind at rest i suggest calling either nhs direct, epu at ur hospital or ur mw if u've already been asigned one. i'm sure u have nothing to worry about but it's always best to be safe than sorry, and if it puts ur mind at rest than that can only be a good thing as worrying and stressing wont do baby much good either




  • Hi Siany,

    Thanx alot for advice, its worrying when you google it and it comes up about miscarriage and eptopic... I have been resting since and the pain has eased and I have stopped bleeding *touch wood*. Hope baby is OK, thanx again I appreciate it :\) XX
  • ah another piece of advice is STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE lol, full of scare stories and will just bvring u to a panic. as u say u have been bleeding, i wld suggest u give one of them a call they'll probably recommend u go into to be checked over just to be on the safe side.


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