when should I stop working away from home?

ladies I am looking for a bit of advice as to when I should stop working away from home. Currently I work Monday-Wednesday away staying near another office and Thursday/Friday at home or meetings near home. I'm 23+1 and work have asked when I think I will stop traveling/staying away so they can resource my cover. This is my first, and I have no idea when I will stop feeling happy about being away from hubby and mw etc. To date I have been feeling ok, just the usual tiredness etc, but work are great and look after me when I'm staying away. I suspect there is no fixed answer to this but interested to hear when you would no longer feel happy about being away from home (my work is about 2 hours from home so not too far, but far enough if things happen iykwim?)



  • Not the same thing really, but my mum lives 3 hours away and I took a final trip to see her at around 32 weeks. I didn't feel like I'd want to be too far away from home any time after that. On the driving front, I'm still driving now at 39+5, but for the last 2 weeks or so have been restricted to really short journeys as it's just too uncomfortable.
  • Like MrsCO6 I do not work away from home but with ds I did go home for Christmas (4 1/2 hours away) at 38 weeks. I was comfortable with this as I knew the area and where the good hospitals were (as friends had given birth in the various ones). I made sure I had my notes with me at all times, hosptial bag, car seat etc so that if anything should happen I was prepared.

    It was not a comfortable journey so will not be doing a similar thing this time around hoping to go vist in a couple of weeks when I will be 35/36 and then wait until baby is here.

    I would suggest you go no further than 35 and to start taking notes with you now and in time add the car seat and hosptial bag to the car so that you feel prepared. Also check out the local hospitals just in case. However if you are 2 hours away you may feel you have time to get home depending on the length of your labour (I had a slow build up). There really is no right and wrong just about how you are coping and so many factors can change this.

    Good luck and hope you work out something thats right for you.
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