I havnt done any exercise at all since finding out i was pregnant, even cancelled my gym membership!Lol! Really havnt felt like it, but im dying to go back now, im not a long walk sort of person and love the running machine, do you think it would be ok to go back and do some brisk walking on the running machine? Im panicking because lately ive been suffering from a bad back and hips, and afraid that i wont be able to handle the labour because i feel so unfit! My gym dont offer any advice for pregnant women, they just say its my choice to use it and i have to sign a form. But surely theres nothing wrong with just using the running machine? x


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  • I think you shlould take advice from your gp or mw at this stage. I think they will say there is no harm in walking but don't do anything high impact. How rubbish of your gym not to offer advice!
  • I wud talk to ur mw about it, theres nothing wrong with excerising during pregnancy u will just have to make sure that u dnt over do it if uv not excerised in a while. I personally cnt be bothered walking up the stairs never mind running. U just have to really listen to ur body and dnt over do it. Kerry xxxx

  • Hi Tash

    I did nothing for the first trimester but then ran up unitll 7 months, mainly on the running machine. It all depends on how active you were before hand. At this stage you might want to aovid the high impact if its been a while. The general guidelines are to keep your heart rate below 140 and drink pleanty of fluids so you dont get too warm (being outside especially in this crappy weather would make it easier to keep your body temp down). Definelty have a word with your GP or MW first as theyll know all your medical ins and outs which might cause issues. You should be fine though. Swimming is also a good option as its quite nice especailly at this stage as it takes the weight off which is great.
  • Have you thought about swimming - I have been swimming twice a week since 20 weeks and find it so helpful - if I start to get sore hips or back from sitting at work a quick dip in the pool and I feel like everything slots back into place !! Its not everybodies cup of tea but I love it and just being in water feels great when I am this size!!

    Lianne (34+2)
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