This isn't gonna be a secret for long!

I'm either actually 6 months pregnant or it is quadruplets!!!
I am 5 weeks and I had to wear maternity jeans today! Oh Dear.
I can feel the top of my uterus just how i could when the midwife showed me when i was 11 weeks at my appointment and scan 1st time round! At least I am pretty sure I can.
Twins do run in the family... I don't want to get my hopes up though, its probably cause its a small gap from my last pg (lo is 6 months)...


  • Oohhh twins? How sweet! My hubby wanted this to be twins, his papa is a twin and i have a few in family, and i had a wee pot belly at 7-8 weeks he was convinced it was 2, but theres only one lol

    Keep us updated x
    Sharon x

  • im 11+1 and just starting to show,but i think i will get away with hiding it another week solong as i dont wear anything tight fitting. uw maybe you are having twins.
  • Watch out Mrs Johnstone, they told my mum "it's only one"... and out popped 2!!! Mind you I doubt that ever happens these days unless the sonographer is blind!
    In my first pregnancy my OH actually shed a tear that it wasn't twins lol what a plonker! I have suggested that this might be twins and he doesn't seem too keen on the idea this time round now that we will have a 15 month old to look after as well as a newborn!
  • Oh my goodness! It must be related to having carried another little one recently, surely - even if it is quads, they're still only the size of a grain of rice each at this stage image

    Keep us posted, would this be the forum's first set of quads...?

  • I hope not lol
  • Or quints or SEXTUPLETS :lol:

    Sorry think i'm getting bit too excited!!

  • erm... SEXTUPLETS?!?! If it was I'd have to sell a couple on E-bay I think!!! you can't even imagine how mental that would be lol xxx
  • Haha dont say that hannah lol
    Well ive had a 4d scan and def only one that day, so pretty sure theres just one in here hehe
    Sharon x

  • hehe as already said prob just bloating or related to small gap between babies. unless of course you're having an elephant! lol
    Filo x
  • Imagine how fat you would get... ERGHHHHHHHHHH... you would be just as tall if you were lying on your back to standing up!!!!

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  • and be pregnant for 2 years as well!(if its an elephant that is) would have to say sextuplets would be preferable then
    Filo x
  • oh yay! twins or very exciting! twins run in my family and my oh's mum is a twin so we thought it might be twins but its only one in there, was a bit disapointed though image
    ive had a little belly from early on too, i think it is down to have a baby not that long ago. im 14 weeks and tegan is just over 11 months, so quite close xx
  • 9 months is long enough... How do elephants do it?!?!
    *Hannah, Tegan and Bump*, My (silly) other half just read your post and started going "what are you on about my mums not a twin, where did you get that from"... He thought you were me lol. He's had a long day at work bless him!!!
  • lol my mum was told she was having one right up until 7 months, then they suddenly saw another baby in there too, my bro had been directly behind my sis so they didn't see him til he moved slightly and even then at first they put it down to a shadow lol, she gacve birth to my bro and sis the next day, they reckon the shock sent her into labour lol. apparantly twins are only hereditary on the womans side, so if there is twins on ur dads side then they doesn't get passed on but on ur mums it does, so only non identical twins are hereditary ( i think lol)

    oh and i were abit anxious about twins what with my mum having had twins, and my sis has been pregnant with twins twice but saddly she lost one both times, plus i think there was 3 sets of twins on my dads side, my maternal grandad was a twin, and oh's dad was a twin... they're everywhere lol


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