How soon did morning sickness kick in?


Ive woken up this morning - SHATTERED again!!! I could barely open my eyes... and now my mouth is watering and i feel so completely SICK! but this so early... is this normal?

How soon did your morning sickness kick in?


  • How far along are you? My morning sickness started round 6 weeks or so. And finished soon after 12 weeks. I'm now 31+6 and the sickness has come back a little....


  • Mine started bang on 6 weeks and was morning, noon and night for 6 weeks and now i just feel sick in the evening and have to go to bed about 8pm!

    I'm hoping mine goes soon!

    I've also heard it can be the first sign of pregnancy so could kick in from 3/4 weeks!

  • Hi, I am only 41/2 wks pregnant and have been feeling sick for over a week now (the thought and smell of pasties makes me feel really sick!). With my first pregnancy I felt sick early on then it stopped for a couple of weeks but came back again at about 6 wks and ended at 12wks. I'm not looking forward to the next 8 wks I read my pregnancy diray from last time yesterday and remembered how tired and sick I felt! It will be worth it in the end tho!
  • Was from 7 until 13 weeks for me. I still feel completely shattered now though at 16 weeks. Morning sickness is really miserable but remember it will pass, and you will get used to it and work out what helps/ triggers it!
  • Well at least on 'schedule'. Im 6 weeks today! So here we go.. feel ok now, seems to be an 'easy' morning so far tee hee but i am so so so tired... my eyes are heavy!!!
  • I felt sick for the week leading up to finding out I was pg and it's getting worse now, and I'm only 6+6. I have it 24 hours a day and I'm finding it really hard to eat anything. I'm living on crisps, bread and chips! lol

  • thought i'd have a quick look in on pregnancy forum to see if i can be of assitance,

    with my first my sickness kicked in around 6 weeks, second i didnt get sickness at the beginning i had it at the end from 32 weeks until i had him, and third my sickness kicked in a week before my period was due (thats when i knew i was pregnant, call it gut instinct)
  • ahh thanks for the replies girls xx
  • hi i'm 18 weeks and still no sign of sickness.......... hope it stays that way xxx
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