I am 18 wks gone and for the past 2 days have had bad lower back pain, pains from midriff right down to mid-thigh and feels like needles prodding inside "my bits". Had a major shooting pain down one side that left me doubled up on kitchen floor this morning but I tried to ride it out with paracetomol and warm baths but today cannot get comfortable lying down, standing or sitting so phoned midwives.

Been told to go straight to delivery suite and am now petrified!

Has anyone else had this? I am soooo scared. OH has just gone to drop his daughter and my son at his ex-wifes house so am sat here on my own for a little while crying my eyes out. Right now all I want is a huge kick frommy lo to let me know she is ok.

Please let me know if any of you have had this.


  • Don't really have any advice but hope it all goes ok. Mel xx
  • I have no experience of this chick but I wanted to wish you all the luck in the world and have everything crossed for you

  • Good luck and I hope its all OK, let us know xxx
  • good luck, hope all is well and you come back a very relieved lady.
  • have no idea and for frst time step mum dont either.

    good luck though, let us know asap.sarah 15+3 xxx
  • Just got back from hospital. Midwife seemed to think might be start of SPD but doc would not entertain the idea as he thinks its too early. Was given a codeine tablet which eased things a bit and was sent home to rest. The midwife then told me that if the symptoms come back then to take another codeine tablet tonight but to go back asap as they would rather find the problem then keep masking it.

    The biggest relief though was midwife found babies heartbeat straight away so at least lo is fine.
    Thanks for the concern ladies, am now going to bed to rest.
    Love Lee xxxx
  • Woo hoo....

    so glad all is well with your lo....

    I thought spd could start earlier than 18 weeks, I'd have a look on the internet and see what it says

    I hope everything settles down now for you
  • The codeine has worn off now and the bloody pain is back. Got to sit here now til 10 when I will take another one! Have got an appt tomorrow with my midwife who is lovely and very straight talking so will see what she says.

    Will have look on internet before I go to see what it says, I hope it isnt SPD from what Ive read on here the girls who have got it have ended up in complete agony!

    The main thing though was hearing the heartbeat - at least little one is fine. Burst into tears again with relief when I heard it!
  • hi im getting the same pains and i think its the start of spd but im only 11+4 but ive read up on it and dont know what else it could be but something a bit scarier. im goin docs 2mo but hes a bit crap so i want to speak to my midwife.
    are you on your feet alot? i work 8 hours on my feet standing still and sometimes it feels like my insides are goin to fall out my bits! sorry if tmi :S had shooting pains down my right side friday but its mainly in my lower belly and scares meeee
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