It's started :(

'How are you', 'Any signs yet', 'Not long now', 'Were itching to know what you have', 'Oooooh I could be a granny this time next week' that last one is MIL

Wish they'd all piss off and leave me alone :cry: Can I say that?!

39 wks and utterly fed up :cry:


  • Aaw MrsT

    I am not pg yet, still TTC but I saw your post pop up and so I had to say something.

    Bless everyone getting excited though I can imagine how you must be feeling.

    Good luck for your last week and cherise every moment of the years to come.

    *To Love, laughter and happy everyafter with your dear beautiful baby*
  • aww i no how u feel!!! it gets worse each day, i hve been ignoring my phone lol!

    Steph 40+4 x
  • hey,

    we are due on same day. i am 39weeks today. and i have been getting this for the last 2/3 weeks. its so frustrating. and its people who know full well they will be informed when there is something to tell.

    i know they're all excited, i am too. but the more people ask the more it reminds me that potentially i have a maximum of about 3 weeks if i go over. i am trying not to think about it. aaaggghhh.

    kate 39 weeks
  • Oh i really feel for you! I remember this with my last 2, and i was induced early with both of them! It was the "surely you've gotta pop soon" that annoyed me the most! Just give people the stare of death whenever they start, they'll soon get the hint and back off!
  • its so frustrating. i know they mean well. then there's the people who insist on saying, oh have you tried this, have you tried that. yes i bloody have and its not worked. do they think i dont know and am not desperate to get baby out. and then theres the ones who are like, oh you still got 7 days left what you worried bout. i realise this but i would still like it to happen soon.

    sorry i've started now with my rant. haha.

  • Hi

    I get all these comments everyday too, and it is pissing me off too. like you say when something is happening you will let them know, why would you want to keep it to your self when it does happen and you have your buggle of joy in your arms..


  • Hi,

    I'm due today and i've had phone calls since 7.30am, do people really think i'd have the baby and not tell them ggggrrrr. Tomorrow i'm taking the phone off the hook:lol:
  • I'm due today and I don't think I could be anymore fed up - although we'll see when tomorrow comes! If I wake up in my own bed in the morning and I'm still not in labour I think I'll go mad.

  • I feel really bad now.... cause I know from someone who is TTC point of view, I must come across as really selfish. I am very very happy to be pregnant and very grateful that I am, but I have SPD and now the baby has engaged the pains are like hot knives being stuck into me :cry: I'm uncomfortable, heavy and very tired.

    My MIL saw me yesterday, I don't understand why she needed to txt me what she did just because this time next wk it's my due date. And yes Kaytie all the ppl who are contacting me are ppl who know they'll be informed!!!

    I have a group of friends from Aqua-natal and were all due together in this next 2 wks, it's not quite the same when they get in touch as were giving each other moral support.
  • I'd give them the whole arghhhhh heres another one(contraction) and then leave phone off the hook. Then go out! serves them right.
    ooh hang on thats right you'll tell them when you've had it.
    Really glad i'm having a section to save all that.(not that sections are good things )
    Take care hun and chin up.
    Filo x
  • i had the same problem, i went 15 days over in the end and by day 15 (was induced from day 13) i had turned my phone off cuz i was in so much pain and was so fed up every message made me cry, next time i'll be telling people i'm due 2 weeks after i actually am, so none of this happens! x
  • I had that from 37 weeks and i know how u feel, i was so fed up!
    Every day I had the same people asking me the same bloody question
    I had sam at 39 weeks so didnt have to put up for it for very long lol xx
  • Too late for this advice now, but I got so annoyed with everyone whilst preg with dd I've told friends and ohs family a due date a week later than actually due just to save on the phone calls etc x
  • I hated this too. I kept getting texts asking had I had it yet....I would have told them if I had!!!!!

    It really annoyed me.
  • I totally let rip on my sister earlier, she txt me as well to say 'hurry up and have the baby so it's smiling by the time she see's them at xmas and isnt looking like a chicken' image

    I properly give her what for, and haven't heard anything since.... It wasn't the chicken remark but someone else telling me to give birth as if I'm happy about the baby being where they are - how selfish of me to keep all these people waiting!? :roll: imageops:
  • Oh no Mrs T dont feel bad, I didnt think you were being ungratefull in the least!!!!!!!

    I watched both my sisters go through the same thing and I bet you I will do the same.

    I just though that some nice words (instead of the hurry the F up) would make you feel better that all.

    To all you ladies who are due, best of luck and I hope it all goes smoothly.

  • Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh imageops: 'did you sleep well, how are you this morning?' I wouldn't mind but it's not even geniune concern, she doesn't give a shit about me!!! Mil this is

    Thank you Cooper7 ((( hugs ))) hope you get your BFP soon xxxx

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  • Oh no, I think it's safe to say I've made the transition from excited to fed up already, and I'm only 35 weeks :\( I still have the REALLY-fed-up and wanting-to-kill-someone stages to get through yet by the sounds of it.

    You could turn your phone off and change your answerphone message to say "if you're calling to ask me if I've had the baby yet, don't bother" or something similar.

  • Oh for the love of god!!!! My dad decided to ring me tonight when I was at my antenatal check, so I cut him off and then he rang me straight back so thought 'shit better answer' but then my battery died.... Phone was ringing when I got home, my hubby 'where are you? are you ok?' My dad had been on the phone to him ranting and screaming that he was trying to get hold of me and couldn't, was I dead, had I fallen down the stairs, had I gone into labour? Apparently I'm selfish and inconsiderate of other peoples feelings and should know better at this point than to let the battery die on my phone, ok accidents happen!!!

    And what did he want?! To tell me their new oven had been installed!!!! Do I give a f*ck?! :roll:
  • well i'm two days over due :evil: and so going to go on a killing spree if people don't stop ringing :lol:. I get told off if i take the phone off the hook but its the only way i get a bit of peace. Mrs T i'm also being called selfish if i don't answer but thats only off my grandparents my mum is really good she rings once a day at a said time so i know its her, she always lets me know she has her phone with her if i need her. But my bloody grandparents gggggrrrrr. Sorry for the rant, hope your feeling better xxx
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