Seen it all now lol

I have just seen on ebay a machine that heats up baby wipes before you use them, seen everything now lol. Im not slagging off anyone thats got one l just didnt think you could get such things image xx


  • lol are you seriouse , what are they called ill have to have a look lol :lol:
  • That's mad! I swear they are trying to turn children into right sissies! Lol. I mean no one likes a cold bum, but still, haha! xxx

  • hahaha, thats hilarious. going a bit OTT with the luxury there like. xx
  • I use washable baby wipes which live in a little tupperware tub and I must admit I do keep the tub on the radiator in Millies room to warm them up! Wouldn't pay money for a warmer though lol!
  • aww bet my sil has one shes so desperate for a full nights kip the idea that a warm wipe might not disturb baby as much at night is probably v appealing poor hun hasnt slept thru at all and lo is nearly 11 months
  • Wonder if it was on Dragons Den and definately invented by a man! lol

    I am curious to know what you were looking for in the 1st place to find this lol.
  • now what i would like is a baby with a self wiping bottom, it seems with both mine every time i get the butt in the air the phone rings or the cat brings a bird in or sum other natural disaster lol
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