Is this pgp or sciatica? Confused.

I have been suffering with on off shooting pains in my right leg for about 2 weeks now. I spoke to gp last week who said it sounds like sciatica and to speak to midwife re physiotherapy.

I had this with my son too 5 years ago!

I thought I'd look up sciatica in pregnancy and there was a link to baby centre where the symptoms for sciatica and pgp are nearly the same.

I haven't had any pelvic pain which makes me think it's sciatica I have.

Can anyone help?
I have mw this afternoon for downs test so will ask her then but thought I'd check with you ladies first.



  • I initially suffered with sciatica during my first pregnancy. It was, as you describe-shooting pains down the leg, especially my left leg. I then went on to develop pgp, which is pain concentrated around my hips/pelvis/'tailbone'/pubic area. Worse after walking, and excruciating to turn over in bed!

    I began suffering with sciatica quite early in this pregnancy, around 6-8 weeks. I now have pgp symptoms & requested a referral to physio at my booking in appointment...still waiting! I'm 14+2. Hth xx
  • I spoke to my mw and she didn't seem to know much about it to be honest. There are group physio sessions which start on 14 sept so just have to wait it out.

    Thanks for your reply. Hope it doesn't get too bad for you.
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