lost !!!

lol iposted a post yesterday cos i was senthome from work with severe pain under my bump and cant seem to find it lol !!!
i was wondering if anyone has expeirenced anything simular???

its like a sharpe stabbing pain (low down just under knicker line) that hadme keeling over in pain
because it was a sat my local doctors had an emergancy number to call and all they said it was was growing pains as my womb stretches.

i know they are doing their job but does this sound like this to you im a bit worrred as it was over the phone

i have took today off to rest but any ideas ??? x x x:cry:


  • I don't know if this is similar but I quite often had a 'stitch' like pain when I was pregnant and at times this was very sore.
  • i think they think that im making a fuss over nothing and after 2 m/c i do seem to worry about everything !!! but to be keeling over just doesnt seem right to me and the peeps at work were really concernred they thought i was going into labour !!!
  • yeah your right bit worried though as it sounds simular to oldermum69 problem x
  • i had the same kind of thing about two nights ago, but it only lasted for one night. by one night i do mean from 10pm - 6am when j got up for work. it was like a sharp stapping pain in my right side under my mini bump and sometimes through my hip. doc said same to me when i called emergency number for out of hours. he said just to relax and if got any worse hed for a&e. luckily mine passed, i went anyway the next day an they did an internal examination and then a quik sca to check all was ok. apparently it was the way the baby was lying and digging its feet in just near the base of the womb. im just saying from my expierence but it fucking hurt! lol dont worry though, put if your in pain there is no reason why you shouldnt hea for the hospital if you can. i got another chance to see my lo.
  • true i think i will see its still hurting now so ill wait for oh to get home from work then see what happens xx
    gachette ------ hows it going with other half?
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