Anyone had any sale bargains on a cot??!

Hi everyone,

I'm loving the sales!! There are so many bargains to be had.
I'm now looking for a cot and wondered if you guys had seen any fab deals anywhere?

Anyone had any other bargains?!

Amy 32 weeks xxx


  • Hi there, i have been cot browsing today and there aren't too many deals unfortunately. The cot i have seen however is in all the big stores and it was ??129 in Mothercare but with no mattress. However, the same cot was in M&P and it was ??160 but it came with free mattress, so although that is more it seems the better deal. It proves that it is always best to shop around.
    If anyone else knows of any better deals please let us know!!

    I hope this helps

  • Hey...

    We started looking very early. Without a matress we got one off ebay for ??5. We had to collect it. And it was without the matress. Very good price unless you want to buy everything new. We got a pushchair with labels still on for ??10 and ??10 delivery. I say always look at ebay. Other than that I have seen a few things on preloved. Hope this helps. And also primark is very good. Got some scratch mittens for 50pence for two pairs the other day......and such cute clothes.
    Yay for shopping!!!!
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