Just a quickie! (DOPPLER RELATED)

Hiya, havent posted on here for a while. Hope everyone and pregnancys are going well! Just a quick question about dopplers (At the risk of sounding really stupid) aswell as hearing my los hb at mw's and doctors i have a doppler at home ive used lots of time and normally i can just hear the hb nothing else, if i move it i can hear the placenta, but tonight i was listening and i could hear both. The placenta was quite loud and slow then just behind that i could hear the fast hb. Was really weird to hear them both together, Is that normal or am i thinking the wrong thing and it wasnt placenta and hb? I hope you can all understand that!

Luv Mikayla xx


  • Hi! At my last MW appointment I heard the placenta and the baby's Hb at the same time, so think it's pretty normal. Wish I had one of my own- never thought about buying one. XXX
  • Mine has to be the best thing ive bought and i would recommend them to anyone. it has put my mind at ease so many timesa fter 2prev m/cs. There great! Mine cost ??40 delivered off ebay, but its one with a probe. You can get them half that price though xx
  • That's great, thanks. Ive been worried through this pregnancy also after a previous MC, so will def invest in one.XXX
  • Alot of people have said good things about an "Angelsounds" one, if you search off ebay you can get them new for about ??20 worth a look image xx
  • I would like one but hubby is paranoid it'll make me paranoid if you see what I mean! Is it bad to use one a lot? Sorry if this is a stupid question!
  • Hiya louise, when i first got mine i would use it at least once a day but sometimes i couldnt find the hb and panicked, so i put it away for a week and now i use it once every 2-3 days and almost always find hb. It can make you really paranoid if you dont find it straight away but i think i used mine too early to start with xx (Hope that helps abit!) Id say if your past 16 weeks get one as it was at that point i could hear all the time, before that was when i struggled xx
  • Hi
    Have looked on ebay and am going to get one. I am 18 +1 so should be able to hear it hopefully. Hubby still not quite sure but he has given in! Will let you know how I get on!. Thanks!
  • Lol at 18+1 you should be fine! im only 17+2 and dont have any problems now. Your hubby will love it when it arrives and he can listen too image xxx
  • Yeh, he will love it, he was so uspet he didn't come with me to the midwife at 16 weeks. His face was so sad when I told him I heard the heartbeat - he really wanted to hear it too and I just didn't know what to do to cheer him up! I didn't think it would upset him so much! He said last night when we were in bed how much he really wants to feel it move. It's quite sweet really!
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