will you miss your bump?

morning girls,

hope all is well :\)

just sitting here feeling my belly moving about and only 9 weeks left and i was just thinking im gonna miss it! :\(

i know in 9 weeks im gonna have my baby here (AAAHHHH scary!) but im gonna miss touching my bump! i love being preggers image

will you miss yours?



  • Noooooooooooooooooo!

    I just want my baby here I'm fed up with not being able to bend in the middle lol. Although I do love feeling him wriggling around in there but I'm getting bored of everyones comments etc

  • I think I'll miss it very much, but then I'm only 24 weeks along so not into the really difficult heavy stage yet.

    I'll miss the closeness, feeling movement but no crying (!) and the fact that she's all mine at the moment and nobody can interfer or tell me I'm doing it the wrong wayimage

    I can't wait to meet my baby girl though!


  • Think I will miss being pregnant and feeling all the movements but like most people I will be pleased when I can see and reach my own feet again! Turn over in bed, get up off the sofa easily and just do normal things again, lol. Tammi xxx
    31.5 weeks
  • i love the shape of my bump and will miss that bit but i wont miss being kicked in the ribs constantly and eating a full pack of 92 rennie heartburn tablets every week
  • I missed both my bumps. I know I will miss this one, and I bet all of you still put ya hand on ya bellies for a few days, I did lol
  • NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way i will not miss my huge massive bump lol im 36 weeks today and im so uncomfy so nope wont miss it at all!!!!
  • I missed it after I had my first so I think I'll probably miss it again. I'm at an easy stage at the moment, I'm 20 weeks so I have a bump and can feel baby moving so really starting to enjoy it. But I miss feeling sexy! I know that sounds stupid but its hard to feel sexy when you've got a great big belly and have lost sight of your feet. I'm looking forward to being able to bend again, my husband asked me why I cant bend forwards and get my drink off the coffee table myself and I said you try bending forwards with a football under your t shirt..thats why! I hate the heartburn aswell. But all that aside, I think I will miss being pregnant and having a bump.
  • Defo nooooooooooooooooooooo i will not miss my bump i didnt get chance to miss it last time as i only had 5 weeks of not being pg, i have been pg since nov 2006 with just 5 weeks of not being pg so its a defo no from me.
    vikki xx
  • lol I do complain alot like when i feel ive got noooooo room in my own body and i'm aching from carrying the weight... or when I have to ask OH to pick something up that fell behind something else awquardly because i'm worried i'll topple over from the weight imbalalce.. lol

    but I love having this little child inside me growing and moving, that I don't really have to share him yet... that he can feel what i'm feeling - which is sometime over whelming feeling of love and he can pick all that up from me... that i dont have to worry about him being cold or safe, and that he is with me all the time... It's really nice that if i want to pop to the shop across the road of an evening for something i fancy that he just comes along with me without me having to wake him up or dress him or get EVERYTHING ready for the little adventure or choosing to have to wait to OH comes home so he can get it or watch baby...

    I found the first 4 months awful... but I really feel I love being pregnant right now! I have 101 days left to enjoy him as he is.. lol before I get to meet him and have to get to know him all over again! xx
  • Thinking about it now, no i wnt miss my bump but i know as soon as its gone and my baby is here then i will totally miss been pregnant. Kerry xxx
  • Noooooo!!!!!!!! I'm only 23 weeks and although bump isn't that big yet i just cannot wait to have my body back and be able to wear nice bras that don't resemble shapeless hammocks and to be able to trim my lady bits without worrying i'm going to chop a flap off! (haha..sorry if that was was bit crude...) Oh and be able to tone up and feel sexy again, and wear waist belts and jeans that don't have a huge stretchy panel...

    Wow what a moan! I know it will all be worth it when i meet my son, but at the moment i'm just looking forward to having the baby in my arms rather than my belly..oh and to feel sexy again.xx
  • Oh Loubeelou, U make me laugh especially the lady bits comment, well done i needed a laugh this morning iv bin studying contract law since 9.30 and feel like im about to die, ha ha ha. Kerry xxx
  • I miss being able to see my lady garden too, although I imagine it's more like a lady jungle at the mo lol.

    Also when I was in hospital yesterday they gave me this stupidly small pot to pee in so I rushed off to the toilet only to find I couldn't see what I was peeing into as bump to huge and massive so ended up peeing all over myself and getting small amount in pot image

  • i just wann meet my son now but i prob will miss the bump @ some point.
    abbie+bluebump 40wks
  • NO NO NO NO NO, I miss my bits, my feet, being able to bend, sleep on my stomach, have sex. I haven't enjoyed a single thing about being pregnant, can't wait to have lo here and have my body for myself (and hubby!)
    44 days to go and counting!!
  • after i had my first i missed my bump i felt empty but this time round i actually cant wait to have my body back! just bein able to bend down and pick the post up would be great and not havin to do a 10 point turn in bed just to be able to get comfy!lol! only 5days til dd!yay!x
  • I love being pregnant (prob cause i've had the easiest pregnancys ever) I really missed my bump after i had my son, i just felt so strange and empty! I'll definately miss being pregnant this time as well.
  • I may miss my bump at some point. But one thing i will miss is my baby's kicking and somesaulting. I think its a wonderful feeling when you can feel them move inside you. xxx
  • I've not had my bump for 4 weeks now and I so miss my bump! I thought I'd be glad to see it go and at first I was but now I really want it back! I'd do it all again in a second!
  • i think i will miss feeling him move and hiccup (i love the hiccups!) but i will defenately NOT miss the aches and pains and not being able to put my own socks and shoes on! i have bad back so its been very hard for me so it'l be nice to feel light again!! x
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