Just had to turn down a promotion

I want a baby so much and was over the moon when I got BFP! But typical of my luck I have just been offered a job promotion to start in January.

It was the area of teaching that I always wanted to get into and very difficult to get into. I have had complications so far and don't even know if this pregnancy is going to last but felt I couldn't mislead my headteacher so told him my situation. As I thought it basically means I won't be able to do it as if this PG works out I'd be due end of Jan. they can't hold job for me as school closing and reopening which will mean new staff structure in 2 years.

Am so fed up but just have to hold on to thought could have baby by then instead.


  • Like u said its bloody typical that all the things u want come along at the same time. Cnt really offer any advise but i have total sympathy for u, and although it mite not seem like it now im sure there will be other opportunities. Congrats on ur pregnancy anyway and heres to a happy and healthy lil bundle at the end of January. Kerry xxx

  • Along the same lines ... our office is going to move earlier than originally planned and I (finally) have an office to myself again on the plans. However, move takes place in November when I will have just given birth! It's terrible isn't it but I'm thinking I don't want someone else packing my stuff and using my nice new office when I'm not there! I'm sure as my date gets nearer I'll start to switch off - hope so. Julie.
  • I can so empathise, I had just gone part time to do my masters when I got pregnant. I had come off the pill with the plan of trying to get pregnant but did not expect it to happen instantly with little to no effort. I had to quit the masters and lost out on serious maternity pay due to being part time. To make matters worse my old job became available again but my employers came up with some very dodgy excuses why I couldnt be considered for the position. They ended up giving it to someone with no experience in the area what so ever, I was so pissed.
    If they have offered you the post, dont they have to stick by it regardless of you being pregnant?? Isnt it discrimination if they take it off you because you are pregnant?
  • ohhh what a bummer...
  • Bhrolachain, don't think they have to stick to it because it wasn't a formal offer, more a 'discussion'. Also would only be for temporary for two years till we get our new school so I would basically only be able to do a year of that and even then I may not want to come back full time!

    I knew as soon as I was asked that I wouldn't be able to do it !
    The worst thing was that I hadn't told anyone about the pregnancy as very early days and have had complications and was kinda forced to do so. I asked for it to be confidential but I know how things get round this place. i did tell the head about my situation and the fact that had mc earlier in year (was very hard as other colleague pregnant too!) -I just hope he sticks to this!
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