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Life time Travelling!

I've only recently found out that I am pregnant. I'm 9 weeks at the mo which is fab!
This was a surprise pregnancy but my partner & I are thrilled & excited nevertheless!
Before I found out, I was planning some travels to India, South America and Morocco.
I am a photographer & traveling & taking pictures is my passion and I'd love to pack in a small holiday in my second trimester. My partner can only have 3 weeks over xmas when I'll bee in weeks 20 - 22. Most of the places I would like to go require me to take Malaria tablets & even then their not a hundred per cent safe so I'm a bit reluctant. Are there any mums who have been in a similar position but went to Malerial areas? Were you worried about listera & other sicknesses? I think Cuba is Maleria free so we may end up there! I'd love to hear from you if this is something you can advise me on. Many Thanx!


  • I can recommend Cape Town as somewhere stunning to go and Malaria tablets aren't needed (at least weren't when I went 2 years ago). Flight is quite long though (11-13 hours) Enjoy your trip!
  • best thing for you to do photomum, is to get yourself into your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist about it....where you can and can't go etc....I work in a pharmacy and there are a few different ttypes of anti malarials out there, so it may be that you can take some of them and plan your journey around that. Hope it helps and have a great time!
  • Hi Suzaie,
    Cheers for that recomendation. It's a great one but I've been twice & just recently too in January! It is A fab place. I have friends there so no doubt I'll be going again when the baby arrives! x
    Hi Squirleyfaerie,
    Many thanks for that advise. I shall do that. I didn't think to ask a pharmacist! x
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