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Gestational diabetes??!!!

HI all,
i have just returned from our second scan. Mostly everything was fine, the baby (BOY!!!!!!image) is developing normally apart from he has a large tummy, it's on the high end of the 'normal' scale which may indicate gestational diabetes!:x :cry:I was very panicked at this and they have booked me in for another scan in a month to check again. it may just be a growth spurt.
Now can't stop thinking the worst and am giving up eating sugary stuff, like chocolate (sob!) it's the only vice i have left - stopped drinking, smoking etc. someone suggested i go to the GP and get a blood test to check for diabetes now. should i, or should i wait? i guess it won't hurt, apart from my pathalogical fear of needles. I should be happy but feeling sad and confused :cry:
Need some reassurance, please...


  • i would have thought they'de pffer you a glucose tolerance test...they can tell you have diabetes from your urine sample also...shouldn't be anything to worry about if you're booked in for another scan and they're not offering tests like GTT. HTH xxx
  • I think you can get free diabetes tests at Lloyds pharmacy? Or if you're worried just book in to see the midwife and she'll do it for you.
  • I think you can get free diabetes tests at Lloyds pharmacy? Or if you're worried just book in to see the midwife and she'll do it for you.
  • they said they would do a GTT test after the next scan, i asked for it today but they didn't think it was necessary. They haven't got a clue how much we worry about these things, have they??!
  • hello again claire - i didn't get my GTT till 29weeks...and given I was told at 14 weeks that I needed a test, there was a lot of worry about what if I am, etc... di they go through the test with you? my advice is to guzzzle the drink and stir tastes like water icing, but extra runny...not altogether unpleasant, but would be better if they stuck to lucozade like they used to use. try not to worry... take care. xxxx
  • Hi Claire, im sorry to hear that your last scan has caused you to worry. If there was anything to really worry about i think hospital would have given you tests there and then. Even though its easy for me to say try not to worry when we all know that in practice this is not possible! You are right when you say that they just havent got a clue how much these things do worry us. Im sure all will be fine, even if you do find out that you have gestational diabetes the hospital will help you manage it. Please try not to worry yourself too much! Keep in touch Debs x
  • Hi again Claire, sorry forgot to say congratulations on finding out that its a boy! Well done! Debs x
  • Thanks Debs, and squirleyfaerie. they didn't go through test with me, so is it just a sweet drink then? wierd! thanks for all the advice and support. OH thinks he's inherited his beer gut!!!
  • hi again claire - forgot to say congrats on the wee boy - pregnant brain :roll: it's just glucose powder in water, as my OH said - it looks a bit like the same stuff that made the baby...but don't let that put you off!!!!! tastes less salty too :lol: they'll take a blood sample, then give you the lovely drinky, and ask you to come back in a couple of hours for another blood test. It'll depend on the hospital re: when results come back...mine was later on the same day, so it's not too bad. hope it goes well. xx
  • I had the GTT done on monday (13.11.06) i have been using the urinalysis sticks everyday to check for glucose + protein (little sticks you test your wee with). I wasn't allowed to eat from 10pm the previous night until the test was complete. My first blood test was at 9am then I had to drink 400ml of plain lucozade within 5 minutes.I returned at 11am for the second blood test. I have a phobia of needles so i got some EMLA cream from my pharmacy, this is a cream which numbs the area where the needle will go in, i didn't feel a thing. In the past i have fainted just talking about needles!! Don't worry about the test it'll be fine and honestly if you're worried about the needle get the cream from your chemist. It has to be applied at least 40 mins before test is carried out.
  • Oooooo - you got lucozade...lucky beggar!! :lol:
  • had a GTT done a couple of weeks ago, after some high sugar levels in my blood. it was high but ok she said, something to keep an eye on as i have a family history of diabetes. but how unfair is this. i had my first blood taken at 8.30 then went to work(literally work right next to doctors!!!) then went back for second test at 10.30. my collague mentioned this to her friend who is also expecting, but recieving treatment at the local hopital, not the doctors. and when she had her tests they wouldnt let her go home(or work) she had to stay there and relax for 2 hours!!! it doesnt always pay to have such close medical assistance.
  • Great idea about the cream, have seen it at the hospital before but didn't know that you could get it over the counter. brill! I feel like i am standding on the edge of the Sahara desert with no chocolate, or other sweet stuff in front of me and a lush jungle of choccy gooeyness behind me! Should i really cut it all out? I don't even know for sure but want to play it safe. chocolate is the only vice i have left!!:lol:
  • We've just had the same scare, after my other halfs anti natel appointment, apparently the baby is 3cm bigger than she should be at this stage which is strange becuase her belly seems quite small, I've just got as worried as you did, how are we suppossed to wait 4 weeks. I mean I do all the cooking do I need to change her diet? she does eat a heck of a lot of sweet things (which I'm forever telling her off for). Just been on on a fact finding mission, did you find out anything helpful claire?
  • Hi Dan,
    well, the only way to know for sure is to have the test. Lloyd's pharmacy do this for free, you'd need to go onto their website to findout which of their pharmacies near you do the test as some of them don't, of yu don't have any luck with that ask your GP for a test. they may be able to do it at the surgery or you may have to be referred to the hospital for a two hour blood sugar test. for now, cut out all added sugar as much as possible to be on the safe side. make sure you check all your food lables, sugar is put in the most random things! it's very common in pregnancy so don't fret too much. I'm sure the baby will be fine, maybe the scan dates were wrong and you are further on that you both thought?? I'm am back to eating chocolate - just in time to go to Belgium on w/end away, which i am very relieved about. hope all works out ok for you guys, keep me in touch.
    luv claire x
  • Congrats on the boy news claire, any names yet?
  • YEP, HE GONNA BE CALLED JACK. after OH's dad.
  • Cool, good choice called my little one Jake, but he ended up with 4 middle names after all his great grandfathers cause we couldn't decide which one to pick lol!
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