Hello new and happy.

Hi girls.

i would like to say hello to everyone, just got a BFP yesterday and just tested this morning to make sure, can not believe is, me and my husband or over the moon, been tying for 8 month and we have done it Yeeeeee.
When do you ring your doctor to get a test done with him??



  • Big congrats to you. I would go to your doc on Mon to let them know your pregnant and you can get the care you need.xx


  • Yay congratulations!

    Ring the doctor as soon as you can, but don't expect them to confirm it with a test cos they don't normally bother nowadays! I found the docs appt was a bit of a let down, it's when you get to see the midwife that it gets more in depth and interesting.

    Good luck for the coming months

    Corinna x
  • Congrats! I made an appointment when i found out to get the ball rolling. you can do it now or wait the choice is yours image


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  • congrats on finding out you are pregnant,
    i booked a appointment with dr about a week after finding out.
    good luck with your pregnancy


  • Hiya pink h! I got my bfp today also, Im going to ring my GP on Monday and make an appointment to get the ball rolling with being referred to the anti-natal clinic at my local hospital image
  • Think i will ring doctors on Monday and make appointment, let us know how you go on??

  • Congrats to all with bfps today! Me too! Very, very, very excited!!! Will probably test again in the morning but am pretty sure. I cried at a story on the local news tonight about some ambulance driver who is walking miles to raise money for charity! I've been crying at the drop of a hat for days! If that and the sore boobies isn't a clue then what is?!!!
  • Congrats to all the new BFPs!!
    Reester - I know exactly what you mean about crying at the drop of a hat! It normally takes a lot to make me cry but not anymore! xx

  • hiya i only found out on thursday and was thinking of waiting abit although i might go alittle earlier now ive read some of therse replies

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