why do people think they can comment...

why do people think they have the right to comment on your size??

its it just me or does it annoy other people too?

i am so sick of people commenting on how large i am or how neat i am!!
why do people think it is ok? if wasnt preg they wouldnt be commenting on my size to my face!

some poeple have said i am quite small, and today someone said "oh you are quite stout arent you"

it does my head in!!!

with my first i was small for dates all thru and people were constantly asking me if i was sure the baby was ok due to my size, and yes she was perfectly fine, i just had a small bump!
this time i do feel a lot larger and i guess i am a little self conscious about it, but i am pregnnat and all that matters is that the baby is ok. we know it is a boy this time, and i have been told you can be bigger with biys (but thats prob just one of those things people say).

anyway, does anyone have any stories of comments made to them (to make me feel better and that im not the only one!) and do you have any good comments to say back to them when they do made rude comments!!




  • I know exactly wat u mean. A new girl started a my work, a few weeks ago, she asked me how far gon I was so i proudly said im 16wks. She looked at me like id just shot her in the head n turn round and said "oh my god, ur huge I thought u were at least 6months". Er hello u fat cow im pregnant whats ur excuse (i didnt say that to her tho). People do think they have a devine right to comment wen they should really keep their opinions to themselfs. I wudnt mind but id never met her b4 and now i have to work with someone who i dnt really like coz she made a real bad first impression. Kerry xxx

  • im glad im not the only one then! its like as soon as you are pregnant you are public property! i think people must just not realise that we can be quite self conscious and that by just blatantly saying we are big it could actually hurt our feelings, we are still people inside not just baby machines arghh!!!
  • I get things like "ohhhh aren;t you getting big" and so far two people have touched my stomach, I think it is awful and they are invading my personal space what's worse is one of them was a bloke and I recoiled from him patting my belly. It's not like we go up to fat blokes with beer bellies and pat them is it? or women with droopy tits and flap them about saying "ohhh aren't these getting saggy" you just don't do it lol.

    It makes me feel so uncomfotable.

  • Im thinking of having a t-shirt printed:
    Ha ha ha, anyone want in?... Kerry xxx

  • only people really close to me have dared comment or touch coz I either look like am gonna burst into tears or otherwise slap them into next week!!!!!!
    Love Lee
  • yeah, its ok if its like your best pal and dont really mind but ost of the time its been with people i dont really know... i think we should think of things to say to deal with it so they know it was the wrong thing to say! otherwise they just gonna keep on with their comments!
  • People just seem to think they have some kind of devine right to touch you once they know you are pregnant, it's really wierd.
    I'm def in Kerry could you make my tshirt extra large as "i'm getting quite big you know" even though "i'm sure it's only one and there isn't another hiding away in there somewhere"

  • Maybe I'm a bit weird but I love it when people think I look big! I'm really starting to pop out now and I was getting sick of people saying how "neat" I looked. But I wasn't fitting any of my clothes so I certainly wasn't feeling neat! I love that people are noticing and commenting just now. But I'm still 22 weeks so I've got plenty time to get sick of it!

    But I completely hate the divine right that it's okay to touch a bump! I've only had one person do it and that was my sister-in-law who I love so no problems there. But I'm getting ready to recoil and slap if anyone outside my closest friends and family ventures anywhere near bump... I've never done it to anyone else. Well, maybe once, but I asked permission and it was a family member!
  • Most of my comments have been how neat i am which i dont mind. But my nana (who is reknown for her hurtful comments) said on Saturday 'are you sure there is only one baby in there'. Good god - ive hardly put on any weight since being pregnant and most people say my bump is lovely! Mind you, she said to my cousin last year at a wedding something along the lines of 'blimey havent you piled on the weight' right to her face. She was apparently very upset afterwards.

    As for people touching, i dont mind at all if its close family and friends. And my friends always ask if they can have a feel. If a stranger did it then i dont know what i would do - probably stand there mouth open with shock!

  • oh havent had the touching yet! no-one has tried so far but i would really hate that! why do they want to touch, that is so weird! ok me and hubby touch my tummy, and my wee girl but it is our baby, i wouldnt really want to touch someone elses bump, dont really see the point in people wanting to touch it personally
  • Other people commenting really irritates me!!! There's another lady at my work who is due about 5 days after me, so we've been compared loads which bugs me coz we're sooo diff in "bump" size (i'm big, she's not), but no-one gets it that everyone IS different!

    I also get people trying to tell me they know best......especially with food/drink. I decided yesterday to have a cappucino from our drinks machine at work (so not only is it the size of a thimble, but its also weak & crap anyway), I then had what felt like a lecture about how much caffeine a pregnant woman should drink & don't i care about the baby.........this coming from someone who hasn't & doesn't want kids!!!!!! Arrrrrggghhh!!!
  • hey ladies, i have just changed jobs but I did get really fed up of people commenting in my last job on my size! I told them when i was 5 months as i wasnt really showing. Everytime someone saw me it was 'like your going to be huge at 9mths', or 'ur really big my blah blah relative didnt get big until she was 5 months'. I was like im 5 months now thanks! or 'ur hving a girl you've put on weight around your thighs.' I personally dont think i have! (im was thinking, its nice to know you look at my backside! this was a from a girl who was quite large for her size )In comparison customers politely asked if i was pregnant or I would comment that I was and they would say really...I didnt notice. Which I liked as they were polite about it! In did have one colleague who out of the blue popped her hand on my stomach and went 'its getting quite form now'! i was quite taken back. The only person who has touched my bump is my hubby. I was like er hello would you like to ask to touch my bump next time!
    Caza, you made me smile in regards to the flapping th boos and saying these are a big saggy arent they lol! xxx
  • ha yeah the saggy boobs made me laugh too! what an image in my head! i think i just hate poeple thinking they can comment on anything to do with your pregnancy, its like they think they are a part of it, with the touching, commenting on your size and trying to tell you what you should and shouldnt be doing,eating , drinking.

    its just the same when you have the baby, wpople think they can tell you how you should be doing things or think they can ask all sorts of questions!

    dont they have their own lives arghhhh!!!

    think im having quite a bad day!
  • kerry i want and need one of those t-shirts!!! im sick and tired of people commenting and touching my bump!!! i work in a betting shop and i was walking down the shop the other day and a guy with a huge beer belly actually said to me "vic how many u got in there gotta be at least four" i turned round in front of everyone and said "nah just the one but u must be having triplets!" everyone laughed and i felt sooooooooo much better!!
  • Oh dont getme started ive had it all i worked in a salon so my clients were seing me every four weeks i had some right corkers . It used to bug me when they would say oh kel you look tired today or washed out!! I wouldnt mind but some days i felt ok till they said that becouse obviously they mean you look like a bag of shit!
  • Kerry I want one!!

    I am 16 weeks and 3 days and my waist measures at 47 inches - yeah I am massive luckily I have a 'neat' bump at the front but still - people gasping saying 'my god you must be eating for 2' or 'you got soooo BIG!' or you sure you not got twins (from a monther i didnt know with a new born no less!)

    I work in a youth club and one teenage girl lifted my T-Shirt up without asking to have a look!!!

    I had my manager announce it to a club of younger ones with out asking me if I felt ready to do so then had to face a barage of questions about sex, personal life, relationship, what precausions i took, if i even wanted the child because i hadn't told them... ect I was barely 3 months and had some bleeding the week before (which he knew) and I didnt feel ready!

    I was out on Sat night drinking pineapple juice (got to get the 5 a day in lol) and had several drink girls independant of each other come up to me thru out the night and touched me and squeeded my belly told me there horror stories about child birth! just what i want to hear on a nice evening out TA! lol

    Dont touch me and dont tell me how big I am! lol id love a witty answer for the next person who makes a comment!
  • I hate people prodding my bump. Someone asked if they could look at it the other day which I thought was odd! The only person who I don't mind touching my bump is my hubby. I think it's a bit personal to presume you can touch someone's bump.. No one has said I look big yet...I don't think they dare!
  • LOl when I was having Jack, I went to the ex's house and some of his mates were there and some bird walked upto me, put her hand on my stomach and said ooo congratulations. I looked at her, looked at Andy and said to him
    "she looks like she is touching me, but surely even she wouldn't be that stupid surely?"

    I had never met this woman before in my life and I never said a word to her for 5 years after that.
    First impressions go quite far with me pmsl.
  • Oh Elsbeth you make me laugh so much i wish i had some of your courage!
  • It's not courage, it is more just the fact I am a gobby cow, had none of you noticed that lol
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