Two weeks to go!

I just have to get this off my chesticles...2 weeks to go!!! Come on baby!!!
Of course I would like her to wait a couple of days though - its my little boys 3rd Birthday tomorrow and we are taking him to the Severn Valley Railway on Saturday. My mum reckons I'm mental going somewhere like this when I'm so close to my due date! She keeps saying "what if you go into labour on the train, miles away from the car?" She's got a point I know, but I really don't want Tom to miss out. I know he will just love it there and what with him getting a new baby sister very soon, we wanted to do something special for his birthday.

So wish me luck girls... hopefully our little lady won't decide to join us somewhere between Bridgnorth and Bewdley on an old steam train!

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  • GOOD LUCK!!!
    Eat a nice hot curry when you get back from your train ride!!!
    Happy Birthday for Tom xxx
    Hannah, baby Daniel and Twinkle Bean xxx

  • Good luck, you brave woman!! I'm sure you'll all have a lovely time, and Tom will think it's fantastic, lucky little chap xx
  • awww i hope your little girl holds of at least intill the day after his birthday x
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